Atlantis Vipers

The Atlantis Vipers are a fresh new Blood bowl team coming out of the elusive Atlantis island continent. The team began playing in the inaugural 2018 MML Blitz! season, and is registered in the East Conference of the Mead & Mayhem Blitz! League. The team is owned by International Genetics corporation, and plays its home games at the Atlantis Bay Arena, a glorious stadium built on a cliff edge overlooking the largest port on the Island of Atlantis.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Over Ten Millenia ago the Island of Atlantis is rumoured to have been destroyed. Defeated in battle by the Athenians and lost for all time. But those were just rumours! The Island nation still exists and after all this time they’ve decided to reveal themselves once more. Atlanteans have been playing Blood bowl since their earliest history, so when word of the MML Blitz league reached their seafaring spies the reclusive island state couldn’t resist submitting an entry! The Atlantis Vipers are the brainchild of a sinister clade of reptilian creatures who pull the strings on Atlantis. The Vipers will recruit players who can represent the ancient utopia and its four pillars of society.

  • The Lizardmen: Serpent men who rule the Island in shadowy courts, whose influence is rumoured to reach far into the MML.
  • The Norse: Seafaring warriors whose ancient army still protect Atlantis waters today.
  • The Kislev: A mixture of intellectuals, entertainers and artists, the beating heart of Atlantis society.
  • The Amazons: The island elite. Heroines and great leaders all. Looked up to by the islanders.

Team Information

Atlantis has many beautiful coastlines but swimming in them is not recommended. They are swarming with highly venomous sea snakes. The lethal ocean going vipers came to represent the Atlantean’s military prowess at sea, once conquering most of Europe and feared by all. How fitting then to name the new team the Atlantis Vipers. When training at the Atlantis Bay Arena the team will often pass and catch with a coiled sea snake, a failure to properly catch and quickly hand off resulting in a fatal bite. Whilst lizards often dominate the Vipers draft, the fan favourites are almost always the Amazon players. The islanders love the flair they bring to the game and their intricate plays in combination with the flamboyant Kislev!

Logos and Colors

The team’s primary logo is a Sea Serpent with a traditional Amazon headdress.

The team’s primary colours are White and Blue.


The Vipers mascot is the Atlantis Sea Serpent. A terrifying sea creature which mythically roams the shoreline. However, since the creature is probably not real Atlantis Vipers games are attended by an eccentric islander who dons a cuddly looking outfit depicting the Sea Serpent and dances heartily at the side lines.

Players and Personnel

Head Coaches:

  • Osiris_BlueSun (Season 1 – present)

Assistant Coaches:

  • Ariel_BlueSun (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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