Arizona Aristocrats

Franchise History

Background and establishment

When one of the blitz team had to disband for “unforeseeable circumstances”, the proud MML blitz commish had to rush around and ask teams from around the world to join on short notice. When the Aristocrats of Arizona heard of the news, they immediately contacted them and asked for a spot with the condition that they must be able to use the Royal Box for all of their home games. with their demands met, the aristocrats put their plan into action. can they win the league and prove that aristocrats are better bloodbowl players or will they wither and fall? at the very least, they can make a few bucks of the outrageous prices for their home game.

Team Information

Team Name

The proud people of old wanted to show these riffraff’s the fine joys of being a proud aristocrats as well as the represent the fine nobleman of Arizona. so they decided to put down the Arizona Aristocrats.

Logo and Colors

The red symbolise the great authority and attention that they rightfully deserved for being the greatest of all the Aristocrats across the blood bowl lands. the logo is a Red dragon known to us as Amber. she represents the power and prestige that comes from being a great nobleman. some say that her great fire help create the desert know as the “Sonoran Desert”


Amber the Red Dragon. in story of old. the great dragon named Amber once slayed the enemies of old. This is one of the core stories the great Lords throughout the generations tell. to remind them of what she did and how these nobleman came to be. only true blue bloods have the honour of wearing this mascot suit to give power to the upper class.

Team Hand Gesture

A humble bow with one hand behind the back and the other across the body

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Teddytom (Season 1 – present)
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