Team Analytics

Blitz! Sabermetrics is the empirical analysis of player and team statistics from in-game activity. This data is collected and summarized from in-game activity to answer specific questions.

Blitz! Statistics

xKID: (Expected Knockout Injury Death) is the measurement of activity, per match that a player will exhibit a combination of knock-outs, injuries or deaths. The higher the value the more likely a player will exhibit these activities.

MEAD: (Mayhem Excitement Aesthetics Death) is the measure of how entertaining this player is to observe on the pitch. Taking into account all aspects of play, MEAD is a snapshot of the total package of a players entertainment value. Higher values yield players who are the most exciting to watch!

xSHOW: (Expected Super High Offensive Weapon) is the measure of the total offensive output of a player when handling the ball. The higher the value, the more likely they are to do something spectacular when in possession of the ball.

DSR: (Drive Success Rate) is the rating of a teams success of scoring a touchdown when they have possession of the ball.

EW: (Expected Wins) is the number of games a team is expected to win over the course of a season.

Blitz!: This is the overall rating of a player taking into account the above statistics, and is a measure of the performance of a player overall in the Blitz! League.

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