Director of Public Affairs / Chief Apothecary Officers
Dio is the guy you speak to if you need something done. Those that have entered the book of grudges tend to wake up with empty barrels of mead in their beds. And the Ginger Brothers always couch for a quiet night of drinking with the wee guy. Dio is an avid supporter of the vertically challenged dwarfs, and always keen to enjoy a nice drink with them.
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
Director of First Impressions
Hairy_Warthog or Hairy to his friends can normally be found in a dark cellar, old museum or gothic abbey trying to make contact with the paranormal. If you see him running, you run faster!!! Not one to be tangled with as he knows places where nobody would ever find you again! When not ghost hunting, spends his time with his dog and watches her chase people across fields!
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