Sponsor Comparison

Season Payout
Breach Payout
Wins Req
4GambleReferee Rest AreaGoblin Gambling$2,600,000$1,200,000Not a Winning Season
4SpokesmodelBeer StandBloodweiser$2,600,000$1,200,0003Loss of Spokes Model
3Test SubjectMagician's ShopDark Wizards Guild$1,850,000$1,200,0003No Test Subject
3Crew Cab, 4x4AnyForc Trucks$2,150,000$1,200,0003Loss of Crew Cab, 4x4
3OutfitterAnyOrcidas$1,850,000$1,200,0002End season without Outfitter
3Manual LaborAstrograniteRock Hard Rocks$2,150,000$1,200,0003Loss of Manual Labor
3Team BSElf TurfStrong Bull Supplements$1,850,000$1,200,0004Loss of Team BS
2-Royal BoxDignity Delegation$1,500,000$1,200,000Loss 4 consecutive games
2Fair PlaySecurity GateHot Potato$1,500,000$1,200,0003Induce or use a bribe
1-AnyJust Score! Magazine$1,200,000-Just Score
Spokes ModelLevel 6 Player at all times
GamblePlace money down that you will have a winning season
Crew CabA total of 10 cheerleaders and/or assistant coaches
4x4Min of 4 rerolls
Outfitter16 man roster
Test SubjectMust maintain a level 1 player at all times
Team BS 3 players each having one of the following skills: leap, sprint, mighty blow
Fair PlayCannot induce or use bribes
Manual LaborMust maintain two players with ST 4 or more at all times
Just ScoreMust outscore your opponents by end of season
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