Sponsor Comparison

StadiumEnhancementSponsorSeason PayoutWin PayoutLoyalty ($200k Cap)Post Season BonusSponsor BonusTotal Pos CompBonus CriteriaPerk
1Any or NoneJust Score! Magazine$1,400,000$10,000$100,000$25,000$1,695,000-Buildling for the Future: Score10 TD's in a single season and Just Score will provide 50% of your next stadium upgrade.
1AnyUnited Player Service$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$175,000$1,870,000Drafter: Must draft 4 players.Negotiator: Player contracts cost 5% less
1Nuffles AltarNecrosoft$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$185,000$1,880,000Mark of Nuffle: The highest level player on the team receives a Niggle injury that lasts for one season before it fades away.Necromancy: One player that died during the season is stored in the tombs until the end of the season when they are ressurrected through dark magic!
2AnyStarblocks Coffee$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$200,000$1,895,000Baristas: Maintain 10 Cheerleaders at all timesDouble-Shot: Re-roll any one player skill at the end of the season.
2AnyWarpstone Dew$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$200,000$1,895,000Jitters: Team has to maintain at least 2 twitchy/stunty players on their roster at all times.Mule: Team gains a level # twitchy/stunty (non-secret weapon) player for free each season. # represents the number of consecutive seasons with this sponsor (cap of 4). Skills on player will be random
2AnyLizard, Goblin, Brettonian Team$1,400,000$10,000$100,000$25,000$200,000$1,895,000Diversity: Must start season with at least one player from each race available to their coalition.Fabulous: Two free cheerleaders and two free assistant coaches each season.
2Royal BoxDignity Delegation$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$250,000$1,945,000Royal Delegation: Keep the nobles happy by not losing 4 games.Prima-Drafta: Once the final draft order is determined, this team swaps places with the team just before them in the draft.
2Security GateHot Potato$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$250,000$1,945,000Fair Play: Cannot induce or use bribesGuard-Dogs: One eligible returning player of your choice gains the Guard skill.
3AnyOrcidas$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$300,000$1,995,000Outfitter: Must start season with 16 man roster.Orcidas Flyers: One eligible returning player of your choice gains the sprint, dodge or leap skill.
3Magician's ShopDark Wizards Guild$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$350,000$2,045,000Test Subject: Must maintain a level 1 player on the roster at all times.Dark Magic: Team hires a necromancer. Returning players are seen by the League Doctor (rerolling 1s and 2s).
3AstrograniteRock Hard Rocks$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$350,000$2,045,000Manual Labor: At least two strength 4+ players that started the season, must end the season on the roster.Hard Work: One eligible returing player (ST3 or below) of your choice gains +ST, but also gains a niggle injury.
3Elf TurfStrong Bull Supplements$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$350,000$2,045,000Flaunt It: The team must maintain at least three players with Leap, Mighty Blow or five players with Dodge at all times.Cross-Fit: One eligible returning player of your choice gains a Strength skill.
3Beer StandBruta Filters$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$350,000$2,045,000Blood for the Bruta: The team must maintain at least three players with Mighty Blow at all times.Bruta!: One eligible returning player of your choice gains the Mighty Blow skill.
3Beer StandBloodweiser$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$400,000$2,095,000Spokes Model: Player designated as spokes model at beginning of season is still alive at end of season. Spokes models must be level 5+Fan Favorite: +2 Fan Factor each season, and home games pay an additional $10,000 in Bloodwieser sales.
4AnyForc Trucks$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$400,000$2,095,000F'orc Tough: A total of 10 cheerleaders and/or assistant coaches & 4 re-rollsTailgate Party: Allowed to hire mercenaries during inducements, but cannot hire them after the game.
4Royal BoxLucky Spike$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$400,000$2,095,000Lots of Luckies: Must maintain a 14+ man roster at all times.Lucky: Teams may use any inducement
4Squig SandwichSwolifier Extreme$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$400,000$2,095,000Swolifier: Must start the season with a three +ST players.Team Swole: All roster players gain 3 SPP end of season
4Referee Rest AreaGoblin Gambling$1,400,000$10,000$50,000$25,000$650,000$2,345,000Gamble: Win 7 GamesAll-In: Additional $10,000 per win paid at end of season.
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