S10 Monster Rolls and Celeb Rolls

Big Guys Rolls



Shakeydog- Demonsville Chancers Rampage Trollson {Big Movie Star}, Something Different {Lucky}

Iamdimarko- Philanelfia SevenSixes Splinter Old Wood {Big And Clever 1 }, Red Creek Fir {Five Star Bet}
Murre- Feckington Fire Hams {I Am The Gift}
Xurpils- Dragon Isle Poachers Jerry Jaws {Five Star Bet}, Bearly Made It {Not Much But you can have it}, Snaggletooth{ Protect Me Get Rich}
Overkill- Necropolyse Narcaleptics It Came From The Shadows {Monster Pin Up 6 }, Lord Of Death Of Bloodbowl {Big and Clever 3 } Brett Sands {Lucky}
TonyW- Ischelware Midnight Ram Disease {Big Movie Star}, Charmin Extra Soft {Lucky}
Lukvanov- Neverwinter Nittany Lions Rot Bomb{ Not much but u can have it} Bull Rush {False Documents}
Cesarh- Miscatonic Gulls Gronk Bigclaw {Fivestar Bet}
Alma- Wimbledon Rot Wombles Leech {Its not much but u can have it}, Hurricane {Big and Clever 1 }
Dmdouble0- Gulf Coast Chaos Deepfang {Monster Pin Up 2 }, Dumbies { I am the gift}
Strange- Northland Ice Weasles Big Blue { Its not much but u can have it}, Snowpelt { Big Movie Star}
Momomcphee- Dunsford Do Lilly Taps Bedda House Mouse MN3 { Big and Clever 4}, Fist Pump {I Am The Gift}, Rockgobble Eye Puke {Big Movie Star}
Jimmymac- Philly Tailgate Bullies Rhino {Protect Me To Get Rich}
ChaseJJ- Carlosa Taxmen Sticky Roots {Protect Me Get Rich}, Big Tackle Pete{Protect Me Get Rich}, The Big Show {Lucky}
Darkhairman- Hanover Hangovers Hobbs {Big and Clever 6}, Puma {Lucky}, Vimto {Big and Clever 6}
Davevsshark- Port Reaver Outlanders The Giant Gator {Big Movie Star}, Rabid Wolverine {Five Star Bet}
Sturmjarl- Drumphtopia Winners Mino Rookie {Its not much but u can have it}
Beerz- Molenas Great Warriors FurtonThreeThumbs MN2 {False Documents}, Zanghis Chaingrip {Protect Me Get Rich}
Doomfrog- Badlands Rejects {T N Rex { Its not much but u can have it}, Thai Wan Bigfist {Big Movie Star}, Duke Nuke Em{ Monster Pin Up 3 }
SeriousJest- Ghrond Bellboys Grubber Stinkarms {Monster Pin Up 5}, Sheriff Of Clawingham {Lucky}, Unlucky13 {Lucky}
Rez- Appalachian Paws Asher Longstride{Lucky}, RedLongbranch{Protect Me Get Rich}, I Aint Moving{Big and Clever 3 }
Proudstar- Nappanee Nightmares Troll Manning{Monster Pin Up 4}, Bearded Dragon {Lucky}
Rmac- Philly Pounding Fathers Big Bubba Grimes{ Big Movie Star}, The Black Plague {Five Star Bet}
Siongon- Coronilla Goats Grut Mcslim {Big Movie Star}
Hugoboss- Outback Gator Wrestlers Humoungous Blue{Lucky}, Tig Nosebleed {Big Movie Star}, Kojack {Big Movie Star}
Vpower V- Hamelin renegades Mr Tickles{Big Movie Star}
Berniebuffon- Mystic Falls Timberwolves Dark Horns { I am the gift}, The Big Cheese { Big and Clever 1}, Tom Brady { Protect Me Get Rich}
NTB- Butetown Brawlers Rustles Pinegrowth {Five Star Bet}, Whispers Bittertwig [Big and Clever 3}, Big Pirate Joe {Five Star Bet} NOT SURE IF THE TWO TREE
S-C-Wyatt- Atlantis Sea Vipers Steg Russ{Monster Pin Up 6}, Fluffball {Big and Clever 5}
Gio- Tiwanaku Flying Pebbles Leaping Frits{Big Movie Star}, Longbreeze {Five Star Bet}, Roger Moore {Monster Pin Up}
Thunden- Hoffenheim Honey Badgers My Nuh Taur {Feed Me More}, Hunch Greenback {False Documents}
Girth- Badland Bears Bravo Bear {Lucky}, Hairy Coldclaws { Big and Clever}

Celeb Rolls

Vpower V- Headsplitter- Cheapskate

TonyW- Count Luther (Von Draken)- Show Me The Money

Darkhairman- Hoshi Komi- Cheapskate

Luk- Lord Borak The Despoiler- Healthy 

Murre- Chuck Norris- Cheapskate

Iamdimarko- Mike Tyson- Cheerleaders

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