Player Analytics

Blitz! Sabermetrics is the empirical analysis of player and team statistics from in-game activity. This data is collected and summarized from in-game activity to answer specific questions.

Blitz! Statistics

xKID: (Expected Knockout Injury Death) is the measurement of activity, per match that a player will exhibit a combination of knock-outs, injuries or deaths. The higher the value the more likely a player will exhibit these activities.

MEAD: (Mayhem Excitement Aesthetics Death) is the measure of how entertaining this player is to observe on the pitch. Taking into account all aspects of play, MEAD is a snapshot of the total package of a players entertainment value. Higher values yield players who are the most exciting to watch!

xSHOW: (Expected Super High Offensive Weapon) is the measure of the total offensive output of a player when handling the ball. The higher the value, the more likely they are to do something spectacular when in possession of the ball.

xPR: (Expected Passer Rating) is a rating designed to rate a players passing ability of the course of the career.

RIP: (Relative Indispensable Player) is the rating of a player that gives an insight on how valuable the player is to their team versus the league average, for that same position across the league. Players above the average mean for that position are considered valuable to their team, those below the average of their peers for the same position are considered less than desirable (compared to their peers).

Blitz!: This is the overall rating of a player taking into account the above statistics, and is a measure of the performance of a player overall in the Blitz! League.

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