Zeus Sighting At Long Last

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The clouds are darkening, the rains pummeling, and the thunder rolls. Yes, this is the actual weather right now here from my news desk in North Texas. Only one question remains, can Zeus bring the lightning?

New franchise North Texas Sarlacc begin their quest for Blitz glory in their inaugural season to the MML Blitz! Season 11. GM and Head Coach HappyBudda11 has already made his mark by wrapping up 6 trades before Draft Day even took place! “We wanted to bring in high character guys, and targeted these players for that reason. We have a specific culture that the team and I are wanting to build here and we feel as though rounding out the roster with some veterans of the league would be the best choice. These guys are our foundation.”

It seemed to be a good decision to utilize the trade system as the free agent market underwent the great culling of 2020. Our sources stated that only 2-4 players from the Sarlacc’s draft board were impacted by the culling thankfully. HappyBudda11 was also busy in the Auction as several draft picks were successfully sold and the franchise was able to bank around 300k gold. But all the headlines centered around the first three draft selections for this new franchise.

Zeus Lightninghoof became the first ever selection for the North Texas Sarlacc in the opening round of the Expansion Draft. A name feared around the league, more for the price tag associated with his talents than for his on-field performance, to be fair. He has spent more minutes in the FA Market than he has on the field during his career. The next choice in the Expansion Draft sources tell us came down to the Minotaur, Stonewall Jackson, or the Chorf, Hulk Chorfgan. The GM pulled the trigger on Hulk, and the venerable Chorf joined the Centaur God Zeus himself as the second ever pick for the darling franchise. The Sarlacc sold their third and final expansion pick in the Auction. The first ever Draft Day selection in round 1 became the Celebrity Skitter Stab Stab. Hoping to pair him up with the monstrosity, Filthy Virus MN5 created in Mutation Nation, Coach HappyBudda11 is eager to see the pair on the pitch.

“We can’t wait for practice, let me tell you. The intangibles are there. We just need to see the chemistry between big Z, the Hulkster, and the Rat Twins. This could be a formidable core for us. We’ve got a ball carrier, two chasers, and a solid thumper that can hold the line or act as a blitzer. And that’s just the 4 of em!”

A Player Union free press report informs this paper that the North Texas Sarlacc recently submitted a request for a rookie orc lineman. When this comes to pass the GM hopes to remain below the cap and with 14 players signed for the season opener.

Will the new team make waves in the Rudolphs Bag of Pows Division, or will they fail to bring the lightning? More updates to come.

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