The whistle went, week 7 over and the roars from the fans filled the stadium. WOMBATS .. WOMBATS .. They did they scored a win and battled right till the end to get into the Blitz playoffs.
Coach Beerz walked into the room…..Well not a bad job guys!!   You played strong and wise and well didn’t get hurt.   We’ve had a great year and your payoff is a week off and back here for playoffs!!   No pop the tops and smoke the stoggies as it’s party time!!

He walked off as the team cheered and yelled.  He did it he thought.  For a team he took a chance on and only being able to bring 3 in through draft he had done it.  So who was next….. A rematch with the Bullies or a chance to battle the undead police???  Doesn’t matter he muttered as ether way we did something no one was expecting!!  Let them come let them have a go!   Wombats may be cute and snuggly but boy these Wombats bite back!!  Maybe we’ll stomp an elf or two or maybe we’ll score a new wolf rug!   Wombats are here and boy are they hungry for blood bowl!!  Let the playoffs begin!!

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