Wolves Show There Bite

The full time whistle goes and that’s it the Mystic Falls Timberwolves have made the Play Offs. The legendary Han Tavirus the greatest gutter runner to ever grace a blood bowl pitch had just sent the Wolves to the play offs, and at the same time stopped his old boss NTB making them. In there first season in blitz they had got themselves to the promise land of the play offs the next question was could they win it? This was a long cry from there days as Yorkshire Phoenix where they was run out of town because they was accused of being vampires and they didn’t want our kind there. With MML Legend Mad Frankie Fraser brought in alongside Steve Michaels as security to help protect Bernie and Berzo from the pitch folk mad crowds, they moved to Mystic Falls to start a new adventure, a new franchise. And Mystic Falls Timberwolves was born, a community what accepted them for who they was, and where craving a blood bowl franchise more then the blood of there next victim. Talking about victims after the final league game a few members of the cult POP found the Timberwolves Apo dead, torn to shreds in a vicious attack and drained of all blood some would call this natural causes If it wasn’t for the message on the wall, they used the victims blood and wrote Apo That. The controversy doesn’t stop there Hans got a virus the captain of the Tramplers seemed to erm lose his head in what seemed like a bad case of his head exploding during the Timberwolves and Tramplers game. Post mortem found he had an explosive chip drilled into his skull and somebody had activated it and boom his head was blown to pieces not even regen is going to save you from that. And none other then the poster boy Han Tavirus who created the Tramplers Captain has been accused of actually activating the chip by remote control and killing his creation to help his team make the play offs. Han denied any wrong doing and blamed his old coach NTB for working him to hard and running him into the ground.

Meanwhile Bernie came out and said POP are a menace of the blood bowl world and must be stopped at all cost, they are anti fun and have no place in the great world of blitz. Rumours are rife that mystic falls supporters have been encouraged to hunt POP officials down and kill them, rumours are VIP tickets to a Timberwolves game for the guys and girls who kill the most. Mad Frankie Fraser went one better, hey timberwolves fans anyone who brings me the head of the pop leader will get a signed worn Plague Ridden Cowboys shirt what I wore in my MML days. Will be interesting to see if Mad Frankie Fraser gets in deep water with the Blitz officials who seemed not to happy with his comments, although they seem a lot more happy now since a big wedge of cash was delivered to them by an unknown source.

One thing is for sure the Play Offs are just around the corner and Ghrond Bellboys stand in there way, can the wolves devour there opponents and move on, or will they fall at the first hurdle? One thing is for sure the Timberwolves have a new Apo for the play offs and just maybe this apo wont try and kill his own players.

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