Wizard’s Guild: The Ultimate Game Changer

One of the original Blitz! Teams was regarded as one of the favorite contenders to win the first Blitz! Championship and be feared as such; they consisted nothing but the most Superior Beings any race could offer.  And backed by two of the most successful companies, Shelf & Dwarfmart, it seems nothing could stop this team from dominating the league.  Yes the Beverly Hills Beasts had it all and was going to dominate for a long time….it didn’t even last a full season.

The team lost their first match which was the beginning of their turmoil, the players were so self-centered they didn’t listen to their coach, Fox, but instead wanted to be the center of attention and “star” of the team they never worked together and ended up not even making the playoffs with a 2-2-3 record.  During this downward spiral the Shelf Corporation invested heavily into electing the current president, Dawnald Grumpf, that they expected to be given political power for their lobbyists and tax breaks.  However Mr. Grumpf only cared about himself and never returned the favor once he was in power.  This caused Shelf to make some major cutbacks in its business and cut the team loose; this caused a domino effect to the other owner, and Dwarfmart’s annual budget could not handle the unexpected turn which forced the team to file Bankruptcy.  Many staff members left, ALL the players left, but the coach stayed behind.  Some say Fox only stayed because his contract for coaching the Beasts was tied to coaching his main team, The Redwood Rangers.  In an interview with Fox he reiterates he always had faith in this franchise even through the turmoil.

The following season the entire Beverly Hills Beasts team was consisted of thralls that had zero professional experience.  This spelled doom for the future of the team and they were the laughing stock of the league.  But one guild saw potential, they saw the potential in Fox who coached a team to make the playoffs, break into the top 10 in most touchdowns scored by a team in only its 2nd season, and decided to sponsor them despite all odds.  Needless to say the season was another failure at a record of 1-0-6 with their only victory coming from a team that never showed up to play.

Then came the turn-around.  Giving Fox GM control he drafted the core of his team.  Not all star players but key pieces that would be vital to the team; a “skeleton” crew to become competitive: a rag-tag group consisting of 2 elves, a Bull Centaur & dwarf, and the sole member that was kept from the previous season, a very agile thrall.  With still the majority of “wet-behind-the-ears” thralls making up the team they immediately made an impact; winning their 2 first games people started paying attention.  Fans started returning and the Wizard Guild brand was gaining revenue.  Going up against juggernaut teams filled with extremely prestige players they were not only surviving them but standing up to them with games only decided by 1 TD, sometimes even tying!  Their season ended with a 3-2-2 record giving their sponsor the necessary, and quite unexpected, revenue to expand their product and compensate the team!  Where did this come from?  How is this possible?  Is it the brilliant mind of Fox?  The miracle luck from Nuffle?  The answer you’re looking for is in the crystal ball.  WIZARDS!!  Yes the Wizard Guild will not only provide powerful wizards with accurate fireballs and lightning, but somehow, almost like magic, the in-game intangibles fall in your favor!

The Arizona Aristocrats insisted their equipment was covered with invisible slime, causing them extreme difficulty to catch or pick up balls, dodge away from players, and even hit properly to keep the opponents down.  Some experts say it was possible this “invisible slime” existed by a very powerful wizard spell known as KY Vaseline, but there was no evidence to make an accusation like that to the Wizard’s Guild.  The Gatlinberg Goodguys later found their refreshments of mead and salted pork legs provided for the players during the game was spiked with magical herbs that caused short term side effects like blindness, paralysis, and serious irritated bowel syndrome.  However there was no link the food and drink were tampered with anyone affiliated with Wizard’s Guild.

Again these are just coincidental things that may or may not have happened, but do you want to tempt fate and find out if it could happen to you?  If no, then The Wizard’s Guild is for you.  If those wizards can take a pathetic, loser team like the Beverly Hills Beasts into a contender then imagine what they can do for you!  Get sponsored by the Wizard’s Guild and be the next “talk-of-the-town” team!  The Wizard’s Guild: We don’t know what you’re talking about :).


Born Canadian with a rich history of French pirates and a river named after the family bloodline. Charles pursued an acting career where he stared in several commercials and a Philippino television show in San Francisco and voice talent in radio shows in Chicago. After marrying his high school crush when they met again on their 10yr high school reunion he fathered two children, Luke & Sophie, and now lives in Southern Florida with a career in computer animation in designing video games.

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