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Well this my friends is a story of a coach turned general manager and a player turned coach. I hope you all enjoy. It was right before the start of season XIII Or’Capone is readying The Iron City Orc Boyz for the upcoming season, while Coach Bmfjiggs was off competing in the World Cup Qualifiers with Da Orcland Raiders. As If things were not hectic enough with travel and scheduling, It seemed the winds of change were about to blow threw this coach and some of his players, and will change their lives forever.

Coach Jiggs had just got his first world cup win against a great coach Laser Owl and his Brettonnians. The Raiders were great and all but, all pass and no bash isn’t the kind of coach Jiggs was. A win is a win though so off to the after party. After hours of drinking, fighting, and, debauchery Coach Jiggs recognizes a guy walking right towards him. It was Tony Bird from Spike Magazine looking awfully rough partying with orcs and such. ” JIIIIGGGGGGS my friend how have you been since I last interviewed ya? Nevermind I seen ya had a shite Pro season and back down to the Challenge League with ya. HAHAHA hahaha. Anyway i’m over here covering the World Cup Qualifiers. I found this Amazing Place wanna have some fun? Do some gambling?” “Sure this party is winding down anyways”

The two men leave the party and catch a carriage down into the slums of Orcland. “Where to Chaps?” asks the cabbie. Tony just screams out ” Take us to the Underground ” Once in the slums the cab had taken so many different turns Coach Jiggs lost all sense of direction or where he might be. The cab stopped in front of a hovel that looked as if it was made from a turned over dumpster pushed into a hillside with dirty scraps of cloth for doors. ” Where exactly are we Tony? “ ” No worries mate this place is great, just wait til we are inside.” Tony Pays for the cab, and the two men enter the hovel. Once inside it’s dark and dank and smells of shite and rotten food. ” TONY WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING?” ” Just keep up, come on.” The men keep going down this passage down, down, down and the further they got they started to here a crowd and screams of pain. Finally they come to a steel door and Tony knocks 3 times Bang, Bang, Bang. the doorman opens the slot to see it’s Tony. He must be a regular because the steel door creaks open and we walk in. The doorman being a Kroxigor the size of Montezuma was holding a sword as big as Tony, and snorted at Jiggs as they passed.

As we walked down into the crowd in the middle under the lights was giant steel cage with an enormous Black Orc fighting a Kroxigor.  ” Welcome To The Killadelphia Underground Jiggs. This here is my illegal cage fighting arena. I got a great deal on an old Blood Bowl pitch years ago after my first few articles with Spike. I should have looked into it more because it was rundown and in the slums, so I could never get anything going so I paid some guys to dig underneath it and, have made a pretty lucrative side business partnering with the guild of bandits and affiliated trades. So now you know my little secret, but are probably putting together that it wasn’t random luck I ran into you. Now I know you have prior engagements with the Orc Boyz and the Raiders. I also know you’ve seen the bad side of coaching Lizards and Orcs, But what if you could coach a team of both? There is this New League Blitz it’s an MML affiliate so you would still manage the Orc Boyz Or’Capone will just coach them and deal with the day to day. You can still coach the Raiders on the side. Honestly though they ain’t winning that tourney. Your skillset is just to valuable to the guild and me, If you say yes to this proposition. I Tony Bird will lay down the money to start a franchise right here if you step back from coaching, and assume the role of General Manager. Remember this is all GBAT approved so no repercussions. I just think Blood Bowl will bring in whole potatoes not this small fry cage fighting money. It will also be great for the economy of these slums think of the good we can accomplish, My money and your brains it’s a no fail plan.” Jiggs just stands there watching as this Kroxigor literally rips the arm off of the Black Orc and starts chewing on it completely stunned by the proposition and the sheer brutality of the cage fight.

” Alright Tony say i’m interested what kind of money are we talking?” ” 2Million to start your first season. That should cover salaries any repairs to the stadium to get started but the potential is endless.” ” That’s starting out pretty slim, but i’m sure if I work the numbers myself we can make something great out of this. I want this to be clear to you and GBAT. I accept I make all the calls players coaching staff and all.” ” Of course Jiggs that’s why we picked you I have to write articles and run the cages on the side and can’t be bothered with more work anyway. I just wanna reap the rewards of being an owner.” “Ok Tony then I accept under one last condition.” ” Anything Jiggs what is it?” ” I’ll need a pardon from Orcatraz for my Head Coach Freddy “Fingers” Goblowski  he can still play on the Orc Boyz If he wants, but he’s no longer a prisoner. He has a talented brain for plays and will be a huge asset to this franchise.”  ” Ok Jiggs it’s a deal Freddy is a free goblin. Just make sure to be ready for the draft plus I have plenty of thugs to fill in if need be. This is going to be huge Jiggs I Mean HUGE i’m counting on you and Freddy to bring results and make that money and bring fame to the Killadelphia Underground.” “UNDERSTOOD”

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