We Are The Union pt1

“I will never get tired of these” I thought to myself as I fished another turkey leg from my assistant’s wonderfully woven basket

I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be here, having the time of my life while the rest of these fool teams were ready to strangle each other over whatever interpretation of NUFFLES sacred text meant to them.

I struggled to maintain my balance for a moment tripping over some haggard looking man just lying there in the bloody street outside a small wooden hut. To my horror, I dropped my turkey leg practically into his lap and this bastard looked at me like it was a gift!

“Give me that!!” I shouted, snatching it back from him and resuming my previous feast.  The man started to say something, but I was already staggering my way further into the marketplace.  There was much to be done after all, more wine and turkey legs to be procured.


“Oh what the hell is this nonsense?” I muttered, putting an empty wine skin back into the basket. Blocking the center road of the market was some kind of demonstration, another group of people trying to get a free handout or advantage over the rest of the merchants most likely.

“Get out of my way I have official Blitz! Busin—“


Just the sight of the stunties and the hate that was being lobbed at them stopped me dead in my tracks.

But what I saw next….that made me even drop the Turkey Leg.




I ran straight to the nearest Halfling and picked him up the by his cloak, practically still spitting turkey in his face as I lifted him up

What is that?!”

“Oh settle down sir, that’s just a drawing of the Elven SOB that’s running the circus in town”

“I. Am. That. Elven. SOB.”

“Oh well sod off then, don’t you have some clowns to teach new tricks?”

And with that he pushed himself free and just walked away, already pointing at me angrily with some other Halflings from the protest group.

“I don’t understand, I thought I was helping them…”

Having a group of at least thirty stunty fellows glaring at me angrily was a rather sobering prospect, and I realized it was probably time to make an exit.

Quickly turning and heading back the way I came, the sounds of the protest and the weight of the Halfling’s words started to fade.

“Just some merchants with an angle, nothing to get too worried about” I thought, rounding the corner before the tavern we were staying at.

I was starting to reach for a Turkey Leg and got the distinct feeling of being watched, and for a moment was worried the merchants had followed me. Spinning around I saw no crowd, no angry mob. Just one boy with a stare cutting through my stupor instantly…


A high pitched, yet firm voice came out of him and despite his appearance I realized I had misjudged his age by quite a bit.

“You would have us dance for them, bleed for them, die for their amusement. And you walk away from their plight like it doesn’t exist”

“I’m empowering them!” I had said it for so long I almost truly believed it.

“Yes you’ve empowered the few to be jesters for your friends, to get fat and happy off of their belief in your lies.  That doesn’t help the cause, that won’t make us free. There is only one way for you to redeem yourself at this point.”

And with that he tossed me a crumpled up poster, climbed onto his dog, and rode off before I could even finish opening it.


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