Vinny wraps up Blackforest loss, previews Tiger Bay

HAZARD – Heresy General Manager Vinny Winnilotti spoke Sunday afternoon at his weekly press conference to wrap up the Heresy’s season opening loss to Blackforest and preview the upcoming matchup with Tiger Bay.

Vinny said that this past week was the best practice he’s seen all season long.

“I was so impressed with how they came back today,” Vinny said. “I’ve been saying it about three or four weeks in a row, but it was not only I’d say our best practice week so far, but our best practice of the season. I told the guys after practice that it says a lot about who they are to respond that way.”

Vinny said that he was worried about the mental aspect of his team starting out with such a devastating loss and before he got to practice, but was shocked at the response.

“Sometimes I wish people could see inside the walls and see how good the culture is right now and how much it’s turned, and how much better it is,” Vinny said. “The one concern I have is I don’t want the guys to get used to losing and be ok with it.”

Vinny touched on rookie coach Brunefire, who was granted a one year contract to coach the Heresy. “He’s a new coach, and we’re taking a chance for sure. He’s got a lot to learn, but we’ve given him all the tools he needs to execute, it’s up to him now.”

Up next, the Heresy have a home matchup with Tiger Bay.

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