Unicorns reach the play-offs!

What a final of the first regular season of the Unicorns, two games on the edge. Against the Renegades in matchday 6, Nuffle had decided to poo some big pieces on the Unicorns before he suddenly finished his bathroom visit in Turn 13 and flushed the poo directly onto the Renegades. All in all, the Unicorns needed only the last three turns to turn a certain loss in a draw, opening up the gates for a real endgame against the FireHams on matchday 7. The Unicorns needed a win to qualify for the play-offs. Even with a draw, they were out.

And the match was even more on the edges. At 1-1 in the first half, a catastrophic D1-dodge of Moss Bank allowed the FireHams to steal the ball. Juan Smurf was running to the endzone, where a precise pass reached him. Luckily for the Unicorns, Smurf was missing that Moondango was in reach, and Moondango did get Smurf down with a blitz-action but he couldn’t reach the ball. Everything was wide open for Smurf to score the 2-1 and the FireHams would also start with the ball in the 2nd half.

But while Smurf was trying to get up, a miracle happened: Ridder Deathtouch could escape from the Tail of Pad The Furr and he ran as fast as he can to kick Smurf’s head as hard as he can! And it worked, Smurf was stunned and couldn’t score before the pipe of the referee whistled for halftime.

Still, it was 1-1 and the FireHams continued what they have started, they gave the ball to Juan Smurf and he runs to the endzone. So fast that even the Unicorns couldn’t catch him, 2-1 for the FireHams. The Unicorns could also easily score the 2-2 in 2 turns but how should they stop Smurf? Even the wizard, they hired before the game, couldn’t hit smurf with a dedicated lightning bolt, Smurf was just too fast…

Standing is 2-2 now and another score of the FireHams would made it impossible for the Unicorns to get the needed win. And it was as the two times before, after the kick the ball was passed to Smurf and he started to run but finally, he has made a mistake: His left shoelace was not tied firm, it opened, he stepped on it, and he falls down to the ground. The FireHams had relied to much on him, nobody was even close to Smurf to hinder the Unicorns to retrieve the ball. As it was, easy stuff, Moondango ran back take up the ball and the elves formed a defence blocking the far away FireHams from reaching the Ball.

FireHams became nervous, doing overhasty action, letting not even stand up all their guys before Chuck started to attack. And the unbelievable happened, chuck failed the leap! The rest was just business as usual, the Unicorns had not many problems to defend the ball against far too wide spread FireHams. Moondango himself scored the deciding touchdown. 3-2, and the Unicorns go to the play-offs in their first season facing the Bullies.

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