Tunnelers VS Blue Bloods

The Blue Bloods of Eoforwic travelled to Doompeak to play the Tunnelers at the lovely named No Man’s Land this week. As the team got nearer to the city the storm clouds gathered and torrential rain opened up from the heavens. Looking up towards the sky Coach Hairy knew this was a bad omen. As his team entered the stadium complex he had an uneasy feeling and this only got worse as he spied the Tunneler’s coach Gerdleah handing two big bags of gold to the referee!! “The dirty, sneaky rat”! Hairy said under his breath.

As the match began Eoforwic received the ball and the rain began to flood the astrogranite, and the proud Blue Bloods heads began to drop as their pristine white uniforms were soon soaked to their skins! Looking into the backfield Hairy spied Tam an evil looking goblin produce a chainsaw from inside his loin cloth, quickly he called for Vilebull to take the blitz and he responded lightning fast and took the green miscreant out of the game! Unfortunately for Eoforwic that was the highlight of their match, due to the horrendous weather conditions they were unable to pick the ball up at all, the mixture of rain and mud and the fear of getting their uniforms dirty was a lethal cocktail of disaster. Things went from bad to worse, Hairy watched his team unable to contain the ball when they had the chance and his players hit the ground and not get back up. As the casualties mounted up the coach looked over at Gerdleah who was stood with his arm around the referee and smiling in Hairys direction. The match finished 3-0 to the Tunnelers and Hairy was fuming and sent Nuffle a very strongly worded email afterwards.
The ride back to Eoforwic was a long quiet one, as the team left Doompeak the rain stopped, the clouds parted and golden sunshine appeared in the blue sky. Looking at his team or what was left of them Hairy began to think of next week’s game against the Feckington Firehams, he would be missing three of his players for the trip to The Smoke House. Cuff Eye Gouge, Dragos Heartbeat and Camembert It would all be absent against the Human League team. Not good he thought, it’s going to be tough. As he was contemplating the future of his team, Hoglet the team mascot tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a note. He read the handwritten letter,
     Dear Hairy my old friend,
        Sorry about the injuries, guess Nuffle wasn’t with you today. If I can give you some advice try learning a rain dance on match day, it worked for me! Ha ha ha! See you soon, me and the lady wife are off on holiday to sin city itself Las Vegas, oh and we’re taking our new friend, you may know him, he’s a bloodbowl referee ! 😉
        See you soon,
“Got to admire his cheek, win big Gerdy” Hairy laughed. Roll on next week!!!

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