Tiger Bay Tramplers Player Biographies

Against Coach ntb_99’s wishes Overlord Krazak, proud of his new team, has released player bios of the Tiger Bay Tramplers’ new recruits to the media. He then read them. And fired his PR guy.

Little John – Team captain and the most experienced player (as in, he has actually played Blood Bowl before. Recreationally. Without a ball). Little John leads by example, that example being how to run a successful (and vicious) criminal organisation that profits through the misery of others. Overlord Krazak felt it was best to keep the Forest Boyz onside.

Robert Rockface – His former surname was Smith but a cruel mining accident left him horribly disfigured. Now he wears a helmet all the time. Even to bed. Worked lately as a henchman for Overlord Krazak, mostly scaring little children.

Lord Smash Fist – It’s unclear whether he’s a real Lord and also whether he uses his fists to smash, or smashes his own fists. Ambivalent name aside, this rookie warrior delights in the brutal carnage of the Blood Bowl field. So he says. We have no way of knowing.

Squick Two Tail – Every team needs a flair player. Instead we got Two Tail, the dodgiest Gutter Runner in Tiger Bay. His reputation as a two-faced, manipulative shyster preceded him and so, naturally, he was high on the draft list.

Snitch Snakker – Two Tail’s apprentice. Less dodgy but also less able. A tendency to fall over.

Master Theft – Gained his moniker after it was reputed that he’d robbed so many of Tiger Bay’s various establishments, that they don’t hunt him down anymore, because the only place he could spend his ill-gotten gains was back in those very same establishments! Also known for his temper.

Kolby Jack – Younger brother of Randy Jack, head of the Jack Clan, a dubious inland mining corporation known for their brutal labour laws and lack of empathy. Street fight pedigree; 207 wins, 121 by KO, 37 by amputation. Blood Bowl pedigree unknown.

Roland Rat – A budding media career stalled after his warpstone abuse became public. Roland made his way to Tiger Bay to further indulge in his excesses. His size and “mino in a china shop” attitude quickly got him aligned with Master Theft and the two became thick as, well, thieves. If you need a door knocked down quickly…

Dragger Kightshad – An enforcer from Butetown, Dragger possesses raw strength and a surprising lightness of movement. His first name is actually a description of how he tortures people. Excels on rough surfaces.

Ridder Slapface – Has a permanent hand-shaped scar on his face from the amount of times he’s been slapped by the ladies of Tiger Bay. Wears a half-mask to cover it in the hopes they don’t recognise him.

Rage Walker – A little slower than his brother Rage Runner, this Dark Elf assassin prowls the docks at night, cloaked, blades at the ready, looking for prey on which to release his fury. Where does his rage come from? No-one has dared to ask…

Gooby – A former mining slave, now he’s a Blood Bowl slave. Known for his complete and utter incompetency.

Ringo Smear – It wouldn’t be polite to say where he gets his name from. Let’s just say that he has a disgusting calling card whenever he breaks in somewhere, and the ‘o’ was added to his name later because no-one could say it without retching. A dirty, dirty goblin.

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