Thunden silences all the critics who said he could never help a 30-8 team

BlitzDesk – Thunden has taken over the reigns of the Doompeak Tunnelers, completely silencing all those who said the coach simply didn’t have what it takes to go to a winning team and make them a little better.

“That’s for all the haters,” Thunden complained after signing his contract in the off-season. “I’m a winner with the Dream Team. Any questions now? Yeah, didn’t think so.”

Tunnelers head office was happy to see Thunden signed.

“So many people doubted he could win with that other team,” said a random person. “Well, maybe not so many. there might have been a guy on Twerper or something. Some lonely, pathetic guy. But that guy, if he exists, looks pretty stupid now, huh?”

Thunden said now that he has signed with the Tunnelers, he is now motivated to take on other challenges.

“I’m going to reach up and get something off a high shelf,” said Thunden. “I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t do it either.”

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