The True Hot Potato

Dignity Delegation president Chet Ubetcha was named as a co-defendant in a civil suit filed against Blitz sponsor Hot Potato today.

Chet Ubetcha is a majority share holder and CEO of the security company known as Hot Potato.

Hot Potato came under fire after defaulting on a massive loan at the end of Season 1. The rumored $2.4 billion loan, suspected to have been financed by Goblin Gambling (a competing sponsor itself), was only partially repaid sources say.

“We had, and made every attempt to pay”, said Ubetcha “but our returns just couldn’t support it.”

Dignity Delegation President and Hot Potato CEO Chet Ubetcha

Hot Potato, while not an executive level sponsor, did have a major Blitz team and a smattering of minor league teams signed under its banner in the inaugural season. Hot Potato officials point the finger at lack luster affiliated team performance and low fan turnout as the catalyst for their financial troubles.

“We will just have to see where this path takes us,” said Ubetcha.

While the future of Hot Potato is most certainly an early retirement, the big question is who will foot the bill for their financial woes? Currently that honor lies on the Dignity Delegation president, you guessed it – Chet Ubetcha.

Mr. Ubetcha would not comment as to the impact this would have on the business of Dignity Delegation. Anonymous sources close to Ubetcha seemed to indicate that while the Dignity Delegation did very well last season, footing the $2.4 billion bill for Hot Potato would have a “significantly bad downside for our affiliate teams.”

The jury has yet to convene on this matter but one thing is clear – Hot Potato is one sponsor nobody wants to hang on to.

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