The Final Ride

The Blitz team sat across from the heads of the Necrosoft (the great sponsor of Blitz). Paper spread out across the table.  Pouches of gold sat on the side table few steps away.  Well my good sirs do we have a deal?   The heads of Necrosoft looked at each other then back to the Blitz board members.  We will come back when your ready with all the players from the Cold Tombs that are drafted.  This one time only Necrosoft will do players from teams we don’t sponsor.   It’s been a great partnership with Blitz and your gold will help fund the next steps we are going to take with a new product.
With that the heads stood up sipped their last sip of wine grabbed the sacks of gold and headed out.  Beerz looked at the rest of the board with a big grin on his face.  Finally gents a season were some of the most legend and fantastic players of old can come back to the pitch for a final ride!!!  Let it be known that the final ride of the players that gave the top price for Blitz blood bowl can come back and show what they could do!!!


Here’s how it works.
Each team can go to the Cold Tombs (my team secretion).  During the main draft only, each team may draft 1 dead player from the cold tombs.  This player will return (thanks to Necrosoft for the 1 season.  All injuries a player has are healed.  These players can not stay longer then season 12 as they are dead and all dead things must return to the dead.  These players will count toward your team TV.  Only level 3 or higher players can be brought back from the dead for this.  ALL teams must have one player from the cold tombs on their team.

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