The end….

The warriors took the pitch vs the insane Gulf Coast Chaos in the quarter finals of blitz, after the warriors defeated them to force a 1 off game to make playoffs.  They came out strong, confident but after the first few moments they were scrabbling.  3 removed and now really out number.  Desperate times forced coach Beerz to call Buffalo Bill for a crazy play to sack the ball carrying rat.  It worked but really that was the end of the warriors chances.  Second half they controlled but they were out positioned and out cashed.  It was like coach Beerz was calling the right plays for the right game.  The final whistle went and warriors fell 1-0.

After the game reporters stood waiting for coach Beerz to step out of the dressing room.  Time past yet nothin not even a player stepped out.  Finally after few hours Slouky Pelt the assistant GM stepped out.

Good evening everyone. I’m here to answer all questions and to give a very important message.  Let’s start with this statement.

We the players and myself Slouky Pelt have relieved coach and gm Beerz of all rights and ownership to the team.  His love for Magrita and lack of coaching properly have driven the team to this.  We felt over the seasons it was about us fun not what the team could do.  We wish him well but it was time.  Sadly with this move the warriors will release all players to adhere to league rules but this will not be the end of the warriors.  I can’t comment any further at this time but soon another announcement will be coming with new management to be announced.

Questions, I’ll take 3.

Did Beerz walk away or was this a mutual agreement?

This was both and it has been coming for few seasons now.  He did well over 12 seasons but we the board members that help make up 51% of the ownership of the warriors felt it was time to move on.

Who’s coming in?

Really…..soon enough we’ll release that information.

What will come of the team now that Beerz left and someone new is coming in?

We hope this new GM/coach will raise the bar of the team. Develop new plays and actions for the team as a whole and with a few season bring a title home to Molena.

Anyways that’s enough for now we don’t want to give to much away at this time and sadly we need to hand in the release papers for Beerz and the players.  This maybe the end of this chapter but defiantly not the end of arena story.  We’ll be back in the great city of Molena in the great stadium of Molenas Colosseum enjoying those great fans cheering us on!!!

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