The Christmas Invasion (S11 Fluff)

It was cold day this Tzeenchmas, all was quiet in the blitz house.

Beerz was sleeping, Bernie snoring, something was working. Chaos was in the air. Tzanta Claws was sent to change players and influence GMs all over the world. He went from house to house, on his burning chariot of white powder, sprinkling ideas into the dreams of the players they want.

However, seasons ago, Beerz had been blessed by the God of Nurgle to bring his Warriors to victory. This had left Nurgle’s corruption secretly in the works. Grinch Grotts was lurking. Currupting those dreams Tzanta Claws had created and changed. Tainting the dreams with horrible players what no one ever would want.

Beerz and the Board had woken and announced the Fluff for the 11th season of Blitz Bowl all having being changed or corrupted by the events of Tzeenchmas. Secret Santa has been created, will you be Naughty or Nice. Who has Grinch Grotts corrupted, all will be revealed.


Here`s how it works:

In the spirit of an office secret Santa, every coach has to draw another coaches name from a hat (I will do this for you and keep it a true secret) and create one level 6 player for that coach. These players will be made to the fallowing rules…  Position will be randomly (no big guys) chosen, must be a level 6 player, 1 stat up max, no mutations and must come with a proper name.  If the roll is for a position that is maxed the roll is re rolled.  Once the player has been made the gift receiver will be told what player they received through this gift.  These players must be part of the team for the season as they are a gift!!!!!   Teams will be told and may add after the Draft but before the free agent market is opened.  The player is a gift and to show this the player doesn’t cost the team anything to play for the team, they also do not count toward tv for tax reasons.  These players will be for season 11 only (not tracked).  If you wish to keep them past season 11 you must declared this prior to the audit phase.  A small $25,000 charity donation to the Homeless Rotter Foundation will be required.  They also must be kept at the end of the season (if alive) with one of your 5 keep player slots.  Will the present-giver be benevolent and full of Xmas spirit and create you a beauty like Santa or will he be a Grinch and screw you over! You’ll only find out just before the season starts!



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