That Was Quick: Heresy Makes Cuts

HAZARD – That was quick. Season 4 6th round pick Ian Rush has been cut by the Hazard Heresy after only playing in one season for the team. The catcher must have been nowhere near the player he was reported to be because teams don’t typically cut their top players two seasons into their careers. Yet again, we are talking about the Hazard Heresy, so anything is possible. Ian Rush will get another shot in Blitz.

Ian played in all 7 games of his debut season, rushing for 42 yards, completing 2 passes for 10 yards and catching 1 pass. Perhaps the Heresy have found better targets for their ace quarterback Tristain Caddy to throw to, or perhaps Ian just didn’t fit in with the Heresy culture. It’s hard to say, but what is telling is that the Heresy are making moves after their abysmal inaugural season.



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