Sponsor Changes, Sanctions and Bribing Wizards

BlitzDesk – BlitzDesk has learned that the League has decided to make a few changes to the way certain aspects of Blitz work:

Starting in Season 6, the following changes will be in effect:

Sponsors that offer stadium enhancement perks that give both coaches consumables:

  1. Consumables (Wizards, Bribes) can be used by visiting teams if they compensate the home team stadium (money is paid to the League not the home team) for the use as follow:
    1. Wizard (from a Wizard Shop): $100,000
    2. Bribe (from a Ref Rest Area): $50,000
  2. Teams with a sponsor (Dark Wizards, etc.) may utilize these perks while visiting other stadiums, if the other stadium has the same enhancement (such as a Wizard Shop), free of charge.

Tickets for use should be entered after the game they are used and prior to the next game. Failure to enter a ticket for use results in an unsanctioned use. Sanctions for unauthorized use is as follows:

  • Wizard: $50,000
  • Bribe: $50,000

Commentary: The League felt that sponsors needed to be treated as originally intended. There were many teams that found benefit from another teams sponsorship when it came to consumable features. Things like Astrogranite are installed for the purpose of all teams that step onto the pitch being affected by it. While, wizards are contracted by the team and have a conflict of interest when they are called to work for both teams in a single game. To balance this out, we have made wizards available to both teams still – but have added the caveat that the visiting team will need to pay for it. This leaves the threat of the wizard for visiting teams on the table (since they don’t need to tell anyone prior to actually using it – and enter the ticket after) as well as gives them the option of not using it.

Dark Wizards Guild Changes:

  1. The Necromancer will lose the bonus to the roll, and instead be replaced with:
    1. any roll that would worsen the players health is instead treated as no change in the players condition.

Commentary: With the changes to how wizards affect both teams, it was prudent to address one of the sole sources of healing in the game. This update brings the Necromancer from the Dark Wizards guild down from an automatic heal, to a potential for no net effect.

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