Sixes owners Phil Jeilow, Elfia Blitzer form sports and entertainment business

Sixes managing owner Phil Jeilow and co-managing owner Elfia Blitzer have formed Phil & Elfia Sports & Entertainment (PESE), a global sports and entertainment business.

PESE will encompass multiple sports teams but there first franchise is the Philandelfia Seven Sixes.

“As we continue to expand our scope in the world of professional sports and entertainment, we’re excited to launch Phil and Elfia Sports & Entertainment,” Jeilow said. “We believe this endeavor allows us to continue to grow strategically and innovatively.”

“This commitment to growth, which started with the acquisition of the Philandelfia SevenSixes, has quickly emerged as a growing and dynamic sports and entertainment company,” Blitzer said. “The formation of PESE is a signal that this is just the beginning to an incredible future.”

We take pride in hiring the best and brightesttalent from a variety of backgrounds and industries with the goal of shaping a well-rounded, dynamic organization,” Blitzer said.

PESE provides a unique opportunity to harness the power of our talented management team and our shared resources to fuel growth and expansion, and a means to accelerate and sustain long-term success.”

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