Serving Up Justice (Be Different)

Having grown up in the sticky heat of the deep south in Alabama he’d seen enough ratism to last three lifetimes. It was the fuel to his fire as he grew up and the burning inspiration that drove Ratticus Finch to want to become the best-damned lawyer this side of the bayou. So it was no surprise that this sharp witted and driven rat found himself a rat out of the sewer as he was the first in his rat colony to make it to Harvard Law. He was clearly different from the well heeled college types where Harvard was a given, but he drew inspiration to keep doing his best from his Harvard tutor who’d also come from the wrong side of the tracks. Of course like all good college stories Ratticus’ path to his chosen profession of strident lawyer seeking justice was not to be a smooth one as he became infatuated and distracted by the head cheer rat of Harvard’s varsity Bloodbowl team. He knew the only way that this mangy rat with a permanent swarm of flies around his head and southern drawl could grab her attention was on the field. He’d never played Bloodbowl, never even seen it before going up to Harvard, but that didn’t stop him trying out for the team…
OMG Ratticus Finch was a natural, not necessarily the fastest like those wily gutter runners, but agile did not do Finch justice. There wasn’t a long bomb he couldn’t catch on offense or intercept on defense. The head coach had no trouble bringing this freshman straight into the team to play both offense and defense. The next three years of Harvard went in a flash – Bloodbowl consuming his every waking moment to the detriment of his destiny to become a top notch lawyer or indeed land the head cheer rat of his dreams. Little did Finch realise but his coach was college room mate to the famous Reek Nosebiter, head coach of the infamous Warpfire Wanderers. It wasn’t long before a phone call to Nosebiter lead to Finch abandoning his dream of being a lawyer and being drafted in MML Blitz to serve up justice… on the field

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