Season 6 League Notes

Bank Interest

  • The Bank of Altdorf no longer pays interest.

Sponsor Updates

  • Dark Wizards Guild
    • (Free Wizard): The team with this sponsor can utilize a Free Wizard at anytime in any stadium that has access to Free Wizards (those granted by the Magician’s Shop Stadium Enhancement)
    • Teams that do not have this sponsor, may utilize the Free Wizard (provided one is granted to them from the Magician Shop) during a game under the following rules:
      • Pay $100,000 to the League by entering a Wizard Use License ticket after the game, or pay
      • Sanction of $150,000 for not entering a Wizard Use License ticket.
  • Goblin Gambling
    • Sponsor Bonus: Make a wager at the beginning of the season on how many games your team will win. If you win at least the number you wagered, you get paid $100,000 per win. If you win less than your wager, you don’t get paid.
  • Swolifier Extreme
    • Additional SSP award at the end of the season for the Team Swole perk increased to +5SPP
  • New Sponsor:
    • Pop Khorne
  • Lizard, Goblin, Brettonian Team (LGBT)
    • New Perk:
      • We Do’s That: Pick a single active roster player from your team that is level 5 or less, and the sponsor will pay that players salary for the season.
    • This new perk is in addition to the Fabulous Perk.
  • Warpstone Dew
    • Sponsor Bonus increased to $250,000

Free Agents

  • The League will no longer accept Scouting Reports.
  • Players that are not drafted in two consecutive drafts will be retired from Free Agency (some exceptions apply).
  • The Free Agent pool will see a marked reduction in players over level 3.


  • Blitz is now free to play for all teams

Prize Payout Structure

  • Cash will no longer be paid for winning Blitz.
  • Discord titles/symbols, fame and glory will replace monetary prizes.
  • The League may run promotions from time to time to give away League swag to participants.

New Coach Incentive Program

  • Removed bonus for submitting a Scouting Report


  • Vetoing Trades:
    • Trades are now moderated by the League Collective (all registered teams):
      • Each Team gets one veto vote per trade (GMs vote takes precedence over a coaches vote)
    • A majority of the League Collective is needed to Veto a trade.
  • Trading Across Seasons:
    • Teams wishing to trade across seasons (that is to say, trading in one season for a benefit in another season) must:
      • Pay the League a $250,000 security deposit once the transaction is approved.
        • Refunded to the team once the transaction is complete.
  • Trading Draft Picks
    • The minimum value of a draft pick shall be $10,000.


  • Minimum Sanction reduced to $50,000.



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