Season 3 – New Rules


Article VII – Draft Order Determination

Draft Order Determination

Each year season, the draft position for each Blitz team will be determined based on the team standing results from the previous year (except the inaugural year, which has a random draft order) season (adjusted for new teams and by sponsor).

  • Champion: 32nd draft pick final 1st round pick
  • Runner-Up: 31st draft pick second to last 1st round pick
  • Playoff Teams: 30-25 draft picks third through eighth to last 1st round pick *
  • Non-Playoff Teams: 24-1 draft picks *

* Ranked by prior season standing points. For example, the last ranked team will have first pick, and so on up the line.

The Draft Order will snake throughout the draft, i.e.: 1,2,3…32, 32, 31, 30…3,2,1,1,2,3, etc

Any new teams which join the league will receive the first round picks for the 1st draft round (if multiple new teams exist, the order among them will be randomized) be slotted in the first available slot vacated by prior teams and existing teams will be adjusted accordingly.

Number of Draft Picks

  • New teams will receive 12 draft picks
  • Returning teams will receive 7 6 draft picks (not counting compensatory picks)

Mandatory Draft Participation

  • Blitz teams are obligated to select a player with at least 5 draft picks (not including compensatory picks) each draft.
    • More than 5 players may be drafted however the team will need to have additional draft picks to accommodate.


All Blitz! teams are allowed up to three compensatory picks, and they’re only awarded to teams that signed fewer players than they lost. That does not include players fired or players traded to another team.

Compensatory picks are based on the salary, level and Blitz! score of the players each team lost during the prior season.

There are only 32 compensatory picks handed out each season, and they cannot be traded. Coaches can eventually trade the player a compensatory pick is spent on, but the pick itself cannot be traded.

Coaches are not obligated to select a player with their compensatory pick.

The exact placement in the draft of each compensatory pick is determined by the League and published with the draft order for the upcoming draft.


Players who coaches retain on their roster for another season are given a SPP signing bonus:

  • Level 1 = 5 2SPP
  • Level 2 = 4 5SPP
  • Level 3 = 3 8SPP
  • Level 4 = 2 12SPP
  • Level 5 = 2 18SPP
  • Level 6 = 2 20SPP

If this SPP signing bonus is enough to level the player, the coach pays the new level salary, levels the player to the next level, and gets to choose the skill.

  • A Player Union rep will make the appropriate roll for leveling up your player and let you know the result so you can pick the appropriate skill.

Players will start the season with a 0 SPP total regardless, however their cumulative SPP will be tracked by the Players Union. This total is added to the earned SPP during a season and any signing bonus SPP at the end of the season to determine the players total SPP.

  • Player contract cost = The level the player is at, after all earned and signing bonus SPP (SPP from all sources) is totaled.


All sponsors will have the following added to their Breach section:

  • Sponsor Draft Pick:
    • 2nd Round Draft Pick: selected prior to your normal 2nd round pick
    • This pick is not obligatory
    • This pick can not be sold or traded


So we want new coaches to understand what they’re coming into and learn what they can do in Blitz!? So we want them to understand that Blitz! is a journey and a long term proposition? What better way than to incentivise them! This would only be open to new coaches coming into the Blitz! league, not for coaches who are returning from a previous season.

For each achievement they complete they get the corresponding reward:

  • Drafting your 1st player
    • $20,000
  • Publishing your first match report / article
    • $40,000
    • Articles subject to revision, editing and requirements
    • Must be on a Blitz League game.
  • Signing your first sponsor
    • $20,000
  • Win 3 games in your inaugural season
    • Free Stadium Upgrade
  • Finish playing a game in the Ranch
    • $20,000
  • Create a Scouting Report via the Players Union
    • $20,000
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