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Monster Bash (S10 theme).

Welcome to the theme for Season 10 of Blitz…

Monsters have arisen and taken over Blitz! This season be prepared to see ballrunning Big Guys taking it to the endzone and throwing Big Guys who can give their Elf counterparts a run for their money. Witness Big Guys at Wide Receiver showing a big pair of safe hands that even make the Pro Elf catchers jealous and leaping, cage diving Big Guys, far superior to them tree-hugging Wardancers. There will even be Shadowing Big Guys that haunt you in your dreams. Yes esteemed coaches, welcome to Season 10, the season the monstrous Big Guys take over, a season with the potential to be the most bizarre and craziest season yet. So buckle in and get ready for a crazy ride. 

Big Guys can make your season a lot of fun and make your franchise a lot of cash. This season Big Guys will earn cash for every Touchdown, Interception, Pass, Catch and MVP they complete or receive. Get yourself a couple of big superstars and not only could you win yourself the title and have fun doing it, you can also make a ton of money. And we all love money. As if that wasn’t enough, each Big Guy this season will have a 20% discount on their salaries (a maximum of 3 Big Guys can receive this discount) which will be reimbursed after the draft. Monsters will also come with Monster Loot which can give you many extra bonuses (again, a maximum of 3 Big Guys can have Monster Loot).

All franchises MUST have a Big Guy on their roster. If a franchise does not have a Big Guy, their team will not be allowed in their division until they sign one up.

What counts as a Big Guy for season 10 you may ask? Well here is the list: 

Yhetee, Chaos Dwarf Mino, Chaos Mino, Beast Of Nurgle, Kroxigor, Kislev Bear, Tomb Guardian, Mummy, Orc Troll, Goblin Troll, Underworld Troll, Human Ogre, Ogre, Wood Elf Treeman, Halfling Treeman, Rat Ogre. 

Sadly Special Weapons like Fanatics and Deathrollers will not count. 

Okay so each Big Guy can earn you money and here is how:

Each Touchdown 25k

Completed Pass  10k

Each Catch 10k

Each Interception 25k

MVP Award 10k

A Hat-Trick (3 TDs in one game) gets an extra 25k bonus, so a Big Guy that scores 3 touchdowns gets 75k PLUS the 25k Bonus, earning you 100k. If they scored 4 Touchdowns in one game they would get 100k for the four TDs and the 25k Bonus. You get 10k for each completed pass and 10k for each successful catch your Big Guys make. And if your guy intercepts a pass he will also be rewarded with a very handsome 25k. Boom!!!

Big Guy End Of Season Targets:

300-350 Rushing Yards 20k

351-500 Rushing Yards 30k

501+ Rushing Yards 50k

200-300 Passing Yards 20k

301-450 Passing Yards 30k

451+ Passing Yards 50k

1-5 Touchdowns                           20k

6-10 Touchdowns 30k

11+ Touchdowns 50k

This is per player not all Big Guys combined. So if Big Guy A scored 2 TDs this season and Big Guy B scored 6 you would get paid for both of them. Big Guy A would earn you 20k and Big Guy B would earn you 30k for a combined 50k. If one of them had also rushed for 300 yards they would get paid for that as well. Big Guys can pick up multiple bonuses and earn you lots of cash this season. However, throwing players into the endzone, e.g. snotlings, halflings or goblins DOES NOT COUNT as a pass.


If your Big Guy dies he loses all the cash he has earned for you during the season EVEN if you have something that can bring him back to life at the end of the season. Also, any Big Guy put on Injured Reserve will also LOSE ALL THEIR CASH EARNED. 


Your Monster comes with some loot! Up to 3 Big Guys get to roll on the Monster Loot table:


2 – I AM THE GIFT –  What do you mean you want some type of gift? I AM the gift! Sadly you receive nothing from your new Monstrous Hero.

3 – It’s Not Much But You Can Have it –  The Big Guy hands over a wad of cash he’d been saving up as a thank you for signing them up. You receive 20k.

4 – Protect me Get Rich – The Monster hands you a note, “Look after my friend. If he survives the season, including playoffs, without a scratch on him, no stat downs, no niggles, no nothing, I will pay you 50k as a thank you.”

5 – Monster Pin Up – What can I say? The babes love him. He always has them around him. He comes to the team with d6 worth of Cheerleaders.

6 –  Big Movie Star – The fans are going mental! No way one of the biggest stars of the screen is going to be playing BloodBowl?!! Whoever hires him starts with plus 5 Fan Factor.

7 – BIG And Clever – This Monster is pretty smart for a monster and has his own entourage of coaches to make sure he makes the right call. Your team receives D6 worth of Assistant Coaches.

8 – Lucky – This Monster leads a charmed life. This Monster gets you a re-roll free of charge for this season only.

9 – Five Star Bet – This Monster is so sure he’s on a winning team that he placed a bet with Goblin Gambling that his team will win 5 Games in this regular season. If they do you receive a 100k pay out.

10 – False Documents – This Monster lied about one of his skills! You may change a skill of your choice, but can only change a normal roll for a normal roll and a double for a double or normal. No stat-ups.

11 – Feed Me More – This Monster loves scoring Touchdowns. For every touchdown he scores you receive 25k (so this guy would score 50k per TD –  25k for this and 25k the normal TD bonus).

12 – Get Fit Like Me – This Monster goes nowhere without his personal trainer. He comes with the personal trainer coverage for the season.



This season’s Captain MUST be a Big Guy.  If you have more than one you are allowed to decide which one becomes the Captain. This season it’s not done by who has the most xp, although there’s nothing stopping you giving the Captain’s armband to the Big Guy who has the most xp.

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