Season 1 All-Star Team Lineups

Welcome to the Inaugural Season All-Star game!! The polls are in and the coalitions with the most players with the highest Blitz! score are the Far East Association and the Anti-Fur Society. Following are the starting rosters for each All-Star team.

US Blitz All-Stars

Player Team Position
Slica D’Cheeze Doompeak Tunnelers Skaven Thrower
Qril Sidewinder Dunsford Do Lilly Taps Gutter Runner
Strun Skyborn Macon Money Gutter Runner
Zeech Highblight Macon Money Gutter Runner
Skittar Middenheim Malevolents Skaven Lineman
Sran Silverfury Doompeak Tunnelers Storm Vermin
Creech Wildslayer Doompeak Tunnelers Storm Vermin
Pillbox Punter Macon Money Orc Thrower
Kinzok Middenheim Malevolents Goblin
Harry Elbows Middenheim Malevolents Skaven Thrower
Gabz Longfang Middenheim Malevolents Orc Blitzer
Nomhut Macon Money Orc Blitzer
Derdril Doompeak Tunnelers Orc Black Orc
Numa Guts Middenheim Malevolents Ogre
Bartak Quickhoof Doompeak Tunnelers Bull Centaur
Foaming Mad Furrikson Macon Money Chaos Dwarf Blocker

World Blitz All-Stars

Player Team Position
Hera‘Tank‘Dite Atlantis Vipers Amazon Blitzer
Astrea Atlantis Vipers Amazon Catcher
Isis Dragon Isle Poachers Amazon Thrower
Dudko Dragon Isle Poachers Kislev Catcher
Grigori Icedup Fife Falcons Kislev Catcher
Rayner Simson Itza Leaping Lizards Kislev Catcher
Cheslav Bikini Bottom Surfers Kislev Catcher
Kraken Bikini Bottom Surfers Saurus
Otez Itza Leaping Lizards Saurus
Jester Dorngarr Itza Leaping Lizards Norse Berserker
30 Second Ab Guy Bikini Bottom Surfers Norse Runner
Brady O Lamo Fife Falcons Norse Thrower
Bard Nash Bikini Bottom Surfers Norse Thrower
Grind Emup Itza Leaping Lizards Ulfwerener
Raiden Stormmaker Dragon Isle Poachers Ulfwerener
Snowpelt Fife Falcons Norse Yhetee
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