Ric Dikulous: ‘Nightmares playing like elves without ball handling skills!’

This weeks schedule features the game between the Poachers and the Nightmares. We had the rare possibility to get a short interview with the Poachers’ Santa present Ric Dikulous.

Mr Ric Dikulous, everybody was expecting you to perform badly because of your uncommon and useless skill combination. How did you experience the first 3 weeks?

I like being a Poacher. The team gave me a warm welcome, even Poachers legend Snaggletooth shook claws with me! I don’t care what people outside the team will say, until now the coach gave me my playtime in all three games and I was also able to score a 1-Turn Touchdown in Game 1. I guess that proves the Haters wrong!

In Game 3 and 4, it just took a few turns until you were injured. Only Badly hurt both times. We heard some Fans saying that you are resting on your laurels from game one. Or even worse that you are faking injuries because you are afraid of getting seriously injured. What do you want to say to those fans?

Well, they should shut up and work as hard as I have done the last weeks. It is a fact that the other teams are now on a hunt for me after my glorious 1-Turn in Game 1, and you all know that skink legs will break at some point if they get hit enough! Luckily, no injury can seriously harm me and I am back on the field the next day cause I am made of steel!

Speaking about next weeks game, the Poachers will face the Nightmares. Nightmares are known to maintain a really brutal play style, more focusing on kills than touchdowns. Nevertheless, they nearly made the Play-offs last season while the poachers have totally failed. What are your thoughts about the game?

In my opinion, the nightmares are their own nightmare this season! They are playing like elves, but without their ball handling skills. I would rather call them a club of elf-lovers then a club of killers. They punch like babies, especially their so-called killer Grimlock Crackjaws, does he have killed anything this season? Is he even trying? For me, it is clear that we will win that game easily without suffering any casualties. I guess I will score 2 or 3 Touchdowns in that game because they cant hurt me!

Thank you for the interview Mr Dikulous and good luck on the pitch!

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