Reminder from the Public Affairs office

Well hello boys & girls, and even you other beings!

The Blitz! League is due to kick off very shortly, and boy are we all hyped.  The staff have been running themselves into the ground, what little sanity we had left is hanging by a thread, or completely gone… it is hard to tell!  But hey, you guys are here to enjoy the product of all that hard work, which is what we have all been looking forward to.

The main thing to remember here is that you guys are in charge of your franchise.  We are happy to help where needed, and will gladly answer any questions that are asked of us.  But, you guys need to do all the legwork with Blitz!

Easiest summary for everything I am about to say, read the Rules.  Also, remember you have complete control of your franchises from the “My Team” portal, and this looks so much better with a fully completed Bio.

If you are not sure on the rules, we have plenty of sanctions to hit you with.  They WILL make your season harder, maybe do your best to avoid them.

After week 1, we will be doing a task to provide everyone with their leftover transfer cash.  From then, you guys will be the ones administering your teams finances. Run out of cash?  Save your winnings, see what you will be getting season 2.  It’s a franchise for you to manage, successfully or not.

We have the Free Agency as well, this will be available until the end of week 6.  Any released players will be published here as well, plenty for you to spend your surplus cash on, so remember to check regularly for those shining gems.  And then week 7, Dr. Dionysis and his assortment of nurses will be treating any injured players, let’s hope he’s not a complete hack!

Not keen on anything in Free Agency, why not initiate a trade with your opponents?  But what if your opponents are abusing the trade, then that is on you to veto it.  It doesn’t take long to check the channel, but you will want to check it at least once every 24 hours.

Following everything so far?  Well, whatever!  I’m not done yet, so you better keep your attention on me.

So we are getting to the end of the season.  You will have an idea of how you have done, which means prep work for what is to come.

WOOHOO!  You have done well, looking forward to the playoffs?  You should be getting a nice cash boost from your sponsors, is your team ready to survive the remaining games with no access to replace players?  You planning to save cash, or stock up your roster for the Week 7 and playoffs?

Gosh Darn!  You kinda suck, don’t you?  Well, don’t worry, that rubbish season comes with it’s own benefits.  (Loser!)  You get the first picks of the rookies coming in for the new season.  Prime real estate to sell, or build on!  Just remember, they will be rookies, for development.  They will not be your probably mangled veterans.

So I feel I have rambled on long enough.  Remember, this is about managing your franchise, as well as kicking some butt on the pitch!  Good luck and Enjoy!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Public Affairs Office.

We are located in the Mead & Mayhem Inn, propping up the bar in the corner.

Dio & Jim

P.S. For possible favours, I like a nice crisp Pilsner.  Jim is a little more of an IPA kind of guy!  Not that either of us are fussy in that regards…

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