Punter Still Available for Trade?

The Macon Money and QB Pillbox Punter were expected to have finalized an agreement on a restructured contract by now, according to reports from the past few weeks. However, there’s no deal in place between the two parties, which has prompted some to suggest that he could still be available for trade.

A Blitz executive stated that until a deal is done, he believes Punter is likely available.

“Where’s the restructure of his contract?” the executive said, via BlitzDesk. “Until that’s done, I think he’s still available. I wouldn’t be surprised if [More] Shots is going to test Punter’s buy-in with the contract.”

The executives who spoke to Austin Ash seem to think Money GM More Shots is testing Punter and it’s more likely they’ll come to an agreement at some point that will keep him in Macon for the remainder of his career.

“Three of the five personnel executives I spoke with feel that Shots is just testing Punter’s mettle and the quarterback will eventually have his contract tweaked at some point and he’ll finish out his career with the Money. The other two execs said they think the Money make Punter play under his current contract. They feel Punter put himself in this situation. ‘I would be surprised if Shots gave in on that.’ said one exec.”

Last we heard regarding Punter, TheMMLQB.com mentioned that the Money reached out to a few teams about a possible trade involving Punter.

“I don’t think they were shopping Punter to the entire league, but there were some teams they trust that I know they talked to – you guys can make the connections there,” said Austin Ash of BlitzDesk.

A report surfaced a few weeks ago that the Money had trade offers on the table from at least two teams that the GM later refuted.

Punter is a former sixth-round pick of the Money back in the Inaugural Season of Blitz. He is in his second season, $180,00 contract guaranteed. Punter has played in 13 games, rushed for 190 yards, made 22 completions, and passed for 246 yards, making him the highest rated quarterback in Blitz history.

We’ll have more regarding Punter as the news is available.

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