Public Address from the Commissioner

Owners, General Managers, Coaches, Staff, citizens of the MML,

We are facing a crisis. The deadly NZ virus has wiped out a significant population of our player base, and our fair cities are not fairing any better. Foundations such as Macon-a-Difference are indeed making a difference in the race to find a cure, but the damage continues to pile on.

I have just hung up the phone with our Scouting Union representative; I won’t go into the details but due to rising concerns over the leagues ability to contain NZ, and the likelihood that any player they scout for us most likely is a carrier, they have withdrawn their scouting support from us. Sadly, we will not be able to offer any scouting services to franchises this season as all financial efforts are going into fighting NZ and legal costs.

Speaking of legal costs, I want to address the issue of Hot Potato vs Bank of Altdorf. It is quite possible that HP will collapse and be unable to pay their affiliate teams. Additionally, if the suit goes as projected, expenses will fall to Dignity Delegation and it is possible that they will have to file for bankruptcy. The League legal team is hard at work trying to find a solution for teams that rely on those sponsor payouts season after season, but no solution has yet been reached.

These are troubling times for the league, and I encourage you all to encourage your players, your staff and your loved ones. We need solidarity and community now more than ever.

Lastly, as a gesture towards finding a cure, the Blitz League will donate $500,000 to the Macon-a-Difference foundation.

Thank you,


One thought on “Public Address from the Commissioner

  • May 22, 2018 at 15:49

    Fr:TheRealDrumph: Crooked Dignity! (But not as crooked as our Commissioner Preach!) #shenanigans!
    #witch hunt

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