Poacher Storys: Sarah Snagg – All Beginnings are Difficult

Before the Season, the GM has decided to sell the long-time Quarterback Bard Nash. Nash had a long and successful career with the Poachers but he has become old and the fans had seen him struggle in last seasons’ quarter final when he completely lost the game for the poachers after a failed D-1 pick-up in overtime.

Sara Snagg came up from the famous Youth Team ‘Little Poachers’ with an incredible record of throwed passes as well as caught balls. It was like it is with a lot of these young players: They are not really fixed to one single position when they join the pro teams. However, the coach and the GM agreed to give her full responsibility as the first quarterback of the team.

There she stands on her first day in the Big League, besides all the Legends that she was cheering for since she was born on the Dragon Island: Day-1 Poacher Tlaxpitabread, Father-of-half-the-Dragon-Isle Edward Dirtyhands, All-Star-Player Mr Pringle, new star purchase Goin Solo and of course the Blitz-Legend Snaggletooth. She was sweating in her far-too-large dress.  A bad Kick-off, directly on the side of the LOS, but she was able to pick it up and throw it to safety, all good. Just a few mins later, she was shaking when she saw Mr Pringle getting hit by a Mumie so hard, that his heart stopped for minutes, luckily the apothecary could revive him. She was getting nervous, the next play would go for a Touch Down and the plan was easy: Lewy hands off to her such that she could pass to Goin Solo, a standard play of her youth team. But her hands were sweaty and she could not hold the ball – Fumble. Then she saw a mummy blitzing her and she passes out. Luckily, Edward Dirtyhands was on the spot, with an incredible pick-up, dodge and pass to Goin Solo, he saved the score.

Unfortunately, the defence could neither prevent the 1-1 equalizer nor the 2-1 score of the Necropolice. Thus, it was again her turn to lead the offence to a 2-2 and save the draw for the Poachers. But it should become her worst nightmare. Four turns left to score, the play was easy, pick-up the ball and a short pass to Goin Solo. She was running to the ball, picking it up …  and fumbled again. Luckily, the blitzing mummy could not escape the tackle zone and she got another try, so she tried to pick-up the ball again but it was like holding a slippery fish – she fumbled again. A few seconds later, Necropolice Superstar Lewis Michaels stole the ball from the ground directly in front of her. Nobody could stop that beast and the police scored the 3-1 and the Poachers lost their first league game since coach Xurpils took over. And all this happened in her first season, on her first day in the big league. She felt terrible. Also the snarled but warm words of Snaggletooth, ‘Everrrybody can strrrrugle on theirrr firrrst day’ did not help her.

A few days later, she was watching the Timberwolves match against the Bears. She was curious to see new Ogre Star Quarterback Tom Brady. Brady started like a champ by catching the kick-off but he was not able to lead the Timberwolves to score in first half because he decided several times for the wrong plays. But what happened in the end of the second half was just hilarious: He first missed a pass, afterwards he forgot that he was playing blood bowl (thinking maybe of the after match diner?)  and boneheaded but his final mistake was the worst, he fumbled the crucial pass for the draw and thereby accounted for the loss of the Timberwolves. Sara felt better afterwards: Also the Big Stars can get nervous and struggle in their first game MML Blitz.

https://youtu.be/cFxrguVSF74 to the picture

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