Outback Gator Wrestlers new tactics?!

Big boss Gatortooth sits on his throne of gator teef thinking on his bloodbowl’s team lackluster performance last season. “How did the gits not be winnin more of their games? We be krumpin the enemy nice and ‘ard. Dem gator boyz be biting pretty tuff too. Wot me gits not getting about them?” In frustration Gatortooth punches a nearby goblin into the gator pit. “Dem other teams be pretty ‘ard. Killed two of the gator boyz. Good thing we got some squishy humies to bring one of em back. The git is madder than a gator with gobbos on its back.” To help with is thoughts Gatortooth calls apon his trusted advisor. A goblin with the skull of a gator as a helmet by the name of “Gatorbitez.” “OI GATORBITEZ GIVE ME SOME IDEAS OR ELSE I KRUMP YA.” “uh, uh, mighty Gatortooth the team doesn’t have many people to handle the ball. Maybe we coul-” Gatortooth interrupts looking confused as he says “Wots a ball? Ya ’bout to make me mad ya git…” Gatorbitez frantically cries out “Thats how we win the game! You carry the ball across the field.” Gatortooth thinks for a moment on this and promptly punts gatorbitez to the side. “Well if we got’s to get this ‘ball’ we just need stronger gitz to krump the ball holder! OI GET THE BIGGEST BOYZ WE GONNA WIN SOME GAMES” There is a resounding cry of support from fellow orks as they start to train for their next season.

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