Out of the dark and into the shade

‘Why are they still here boss?

they do the team no favours,
they are weak and a liability,
the Pied Pipers pact died with him long ago, (rest in peace Sir)
We don’t need them any more!?’

V knew his trusted Captain was correct, little Mo Flanders had much experience and was the Coaches right hand rat, the Chaos that still lingered around Hamelin had no power here anymore, that old pact made by the Pied Piper all those seasons ago to save Coach V from the vengeance of the Dark Elves was long spent.

‘But how do we run these final vagabonds out of town?
Especially those two huge brutes that showed up last season?!’

‘Before we lost the Piper’ – Mo whispered

‘He entrusted me with this,
he said should we ever get in trouble or need to make contact with his Order again,
we could call on them though his oath, then present them this……’

Little Mo rolled open a dusty old cloth, inside glinted a curved black dagger, inscriptions covered the the length of the blade winding around the handle and almost seemed to rewrite themselves as the symbols glinted and danced in the low light. A single purple gem mounted into the blades side smoked from within and pulsed as though it saw and heard all…

If they are willing once again, I think we can pull it off – thought V

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