Notice of Legal Action

Class Action Settlement Notice

Legal Notice by order of the District of United Blitz Affiliates


Ubetcha vs Ivy Resorts & Showbiz, Inc. & Collective Blitz Teams named herein, Case# 14S32Q-UI35G

You are receiving this notice because you have been identified as a class member who may be entitled to a settlement payment if a settlement is approved unless you choose to opt out.

The parties estimate that you may receive between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 depending on the results of the settlement.

This proposed settlement covers people about whom Chet Ubetcha, Hot Potato, and Dignity Delegation have been alleged to knowingly fail to fulfill contractual obligations as agreed to by parties involved. The parties refer to the team entities of the Bikini Bottom Surfers, Blackforest Unicorns, Itza Leaping Lizards, Badlands Rejects, Granite City Guardians, Dunsford Do Lilly Taps, and Drumphtopia Winners. The collective teams are attempting to claim sponsorship payment as contractually promised prior to the season start.

This is not a solicitation. This notice is Court authorized.

Read this notice carefully as it affects your rights.

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What is this case about?

The individuals who brought the case claim that Chet Ubetcha knowingly offered sponsor contracts in “Bad Faith” having prior knowledge of the demise of the Hot Potato brand. It is alleged that Chet Ubetcha stated to the Bikini Bottom Surfers organization that due to the bankruptcy of Hot Potato, they would not be paid at the end of the season. Ubetcha also refused requests to release the team from contract to sign with another sponsor before the season started. The failing of the Hot Potato brand has sent the larger Dignity Delegation brand into a financial crisis of their own, prompting the other teams to ensure their contracts are upheld as promised despite the financial concerns for the Dignity Brand. The parties involved are requesting a payout of $10,500,000 covering the promised end of season payouts, plus $2,000,000 in punitive damages, and all legal fees required should the matter not settle outside of court.

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