Nimble Norbit (Be Different)

Norbit was once a fine Prince, a legend of the college Bloodbowl league and a firm favourite of the fans. He was of above average skills but not star player level of which he thought of himself. His mother an elder, she supported Norbit in all his pursuits. Norbit was hungry for riches and fame. He wanted to lead the Guilded Griffin’s to victory but Elsfar Goodwind was holding him back. Sure he was an average catcher but nothing on Norbit, or so he thought. Semi final day of the Cabalvision sponsored college bowl. Eyes everywhere. The Griffin’s took a 2- 0 lead against the Doomday Dirtys and Norbit hadn’t stepped foot onto the turf. “This cannot be” he said aloud to himself ” I am aire to the throne, no lowly wood elf shall steal my glory” At this point Norbit started a prayer. This was no ordinary prayer, it was to the sun gods of the Khemri. Knowing their strong control of the undead, he wished a curse on Elsfar.” If he is to touch the ball again announced Norbit, Elsfar shall be cursed to the life of the undead reincarnated under the Khemri banner dropping dead on the field of play” The Khemri accepted the prayer, but there was also a catch, ” If you score the winning touchdown Norbit, your life taken in place of Elsfar”. Norbit smiled gleefully ” no problem”. The second half started with a kick off to the Elves, who should catch the ball, poor old Elsfar. As soon as the ball touches his hand, a blazing beam from the sky’s took.his life away from him, the gods smiling. Then the Dirtys roared into action, linemen stunned, a thrower injured and before Norbit could take that smile off his face, 2 – 2 was the score. 2 minutes to go and it was looking bleak for the Griffin’s.
The Dirtys kicked off and wow, the Griffin’s got the jump and Norbit found himself in the open in the backfield. This was his moment, the ball flying high and long towards him, the glory he desired for so long. Without out hesitation he received the pass and scored the game winning touchdown. The crowed were going crazy, Norbit’s mother looking on beaming. As the final whistle blew, Norbit knew his fate. As he walked from the stadium into the darkness of the stands, listening to the chants of his name, a blazing beam struck him from the sky taking his life. In his place, stood Elsfar, dazed and confused. Norbit woke, a council of 3 looking on. In front of him was a banner, ” Sandstorm Slayers” he scoffed “The Khemri team of old, what nonsense”. The council smiled, showing their brittle teeth ” You’re the new star catcher”

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