NEWSFLASH!!! First MML superstar comes to Blitz!

Following the explosive news last night that the MML Pro League would now have a player link to supply the Blitz! leagues after the devastating NZ virus. We can bring you the first major move from the leagues to Blitz!

Gorbag Marlarr didn’t retire long! He has made clear his intent to stand for Blitz Free Agency before the Season 3. From a quaint little cabin beside a peaceful lake he had this to say,

“Been waitin for Rattus. Typical rasta, e’s late. Figure I can come ta Blitz and show em a fing or two about Orky play. I’m lookin forwudd to playin wiv pixies and lizzies on the same side… I dun mind who gives me da ball, just lemme run em in!”

“Gorbag has graced the MML for multiple seasons, playing for such teams as the Green Tide Titans, New Orcland Grunts and finally back to the Titans for last seasons ultimate hurrah. His career stats are certainly impressive :

Matches played               : 77

Touchdowns scored       : 69

Running yards                 : 3914

Holds the record for first Pro player to attain the ‘Legendary’ status in just league play.

Initially implicated in the murder of Titans team mate Big Mo he was subsequently cleared of all involvement after a smear campaign by a nefarious MML coach.

Known to be a bit of a Diva he also prides himself on his team mentality.”

In the last game of SXIII he took a frightful blow to the noggin, however the hope is that with the winning ways of Arch Genetecist, Dr Dio that there may be a way to repair his fractured skull rather than the Soopah Gloo that he is currently using.

That’s the first one in… who will be the next megastar from the MML Pro leagues to join? We will also bring you news of hot prospects transferring from the farm smelting pots.


Derek Winkleberry

Player Union Central
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