Never go drinking on draft day!!

All the hype was electric surrounding the new draft in Blitz season 2 Coach Hairy eyed up the potential season targets for his team the Eoforwic Blue Bloods.  He’d released some players in the off season to try and make room for some future stars. Signing with Dignity Delegation, an improved stadium and the addition of a Royal Box should guide his team in the right direction. All that was set now was the addition of a few star players.

It was draft day, and what better way to deal with the anxiety and excitement than have a few ales in the tavern first! Well, that was the plan anyway, maths was never Hairy’s strong subject, let’s be honest here how many actually is a few? I think you know where this is heading! After the sixth flagon of Bloodweiser, Hairy sent his assistant Pink Eye a rather unhygeinic hobgoblin to attend Blitz HQ and register him for the draft and to tell them he’d be there in time. Like I said, that was the plan!

Another six flagons later and Hairy woke up on the tavern floor and covered in all sorts of bodily fluids, just an average night out right? He wiped himself down and look around, the room was filled with coaches and players all celebrating another successful draft year!!! Hairy had missed it!! Looking around he saw Pink Eye trying to scuttle out of the door, Hairy grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and demanded to know what had happened!

“Did you get the three star players I wanted”? Hairy shouted!

“Boss, I could only get 2, the competion for the services was too high, they’re other there in the corner looking over their contracts”.

Hairy looked over and saw a mean looking Chaos Dwarf and an angry looking High Elf sat around a small table. Hairy seemed relieved and pleased with his signings.

“OK Pink Eye, good work, who’s the other guy you signed”? Hairy asked.

“You see the thing is boss, I got a little distracted, and kinda urrrrm, I errrrrr, they serve the best Skaven Cheese there and I, I, I kind of got a little carried away on it, it’s very potent” Pink Eye stuttered.

“Tell me, you signed another player you fool or you life won’t be worth living”! Hairy threatened.

“I did boss, honestly I did, I acquired two rookie Chaos Dwarves, they’re over the talking to that pretty elf lady”, was Pink Eyes reply, he went on,

“But after the second piece of cheese, everything kind of got a little trippy and blurry” he said worryingly.

Hairy eyed him cautiously. “What did you do, please tell me you didn’t blow the budget”!?

“No I didn’t boss, honestly we are in the black don’t worry, your three new boys are stood over there, errrm over there trying to work out what day it is”, as Hairy turned to look at his final three acquisitions Pink Eye made a hasty retreat through the exit and away into the dark streets.

Hairy turned and his jaw dropped.

“Pink Eye, wait till I get hold of you, you stupid idiot” !!!!!!! Smiling back at him were three of the dumbest looking peasants you could ever see!!




Good luck for Season 2 coaches.


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