UPDATE: Mysterious outbreak has killed at least 285+ players: BDC officials

The league wide outbreak could be the worst on record, Blitz Disease Control (BDC) said today while releasing a grim report that at least 63 players have died from a mysterious disease they are calling Nufflinza Z.

Officials conceded that they can’t predict when the epidemic will end.

Dr. Dionysis, acting Chief Medical Officer of the Blitz League, said 10 players have died from Nufflinza Z in the past 24 hours alone.

“I wish there was better news this week, but almost everything we’re looking at is bad,” Dr. Dio said at a news conference.

He said the Nufflinza Z remains widespread in nearly all corners of the league, except for Drumptopia and Arizona where the local climate may play a part in keeping players healthy. The NZ strain is unbiased in infecting players throughout the league, according to the BDC.

Dionysis said the league is now in the first stages of the NZ outbreak. While the past outbreaks have lasted a few days to three weeks, he could not say how many more weeks the current outbreak will last.

“It’s difficult to predict, and we don’t know,” Dr. Dio said.

Outpatient and emergency room visits remain high with NZ cases, and the rate of hospitalizations is at the highest since the BDC begain tracking the NZ last season, he said.

The BDC weekly report shows that 431 laboratory-confirmed cases have led to hospitalizations.

A triage surge tent is seen outside Dragon Isle for patients infected with the Nufflinza Z strain…

NZ infection rates are rising higher than those in any season prior, when the troll flu pandemic hit the league, according to the BDC. NZ cases are on track to surpass the prior records, where more than 600 players were hospitalized in the MML and 148 players died.

“We recognize that this issue is personal to so many teams and that there is a lot of fear and alarm,” Dionysis said. “NZ is incredibly difficult to predict, and we don’t know if we’ve hit a peak. We could see more weeks of increased NZ activity.”

With no predictable end in sight for the NZ season, the BDC advised teams that it’s not too late to get a NZ shot. The agency also recommended veteran players make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

UPDATE 5/22/2018

Over the last 48 hours the league has lost another 94 players, including two players from League teams. Doctors, staff and specialists are working hard to contain the outbreak.

UPDATE 5/24/2018

15 more dead today. NZ seems to be calming down, but officials warn that it may just be the calm before the storm.

UPDATE 5/28/2018

The NZ virus seems to be under control for the moment. Dr. Dro and Dr. Orcstien have isolated the virus under laboratory conditions and have been able to come up with an injected medication that slows the spread. While this isn’t a cure it has drastically brought down the death toll. Hospitalizations and outbreaks continue to happen at a steady pace however, and the death toll continues unabated in places that don’t have access to medical staff or have refused treatment.

UPDATE 5/30/2018

113 players died today, not including an entire team (Killadelphia Underground) along with their entire coaching staff.

NZ Death Toll

Achen DeadleafWood Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
Acute AttitudeChaos WarriorDEAD NZ
Aphro HairAmazon LinewomanDEAD NZ
Barrel Chest BillyDwarf BlitzerDEAD NZ
Bearch HallowkneesWood Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
Big BruteOgreDEAD NZ
Bobby BatsHuman BlitzerDEAD NZ
Bog SwiftbootHobgoblinDEAD NZ
Bolt Head FredNecromantic Flesh GolemDEAD NZ
Brekur HammerheadDwarf DeathrollerDEAD NZ
Buggy BellyChaos BeastmanDEAD NZ
Capt StinkbombGoblin BombadierDEAD NZ
Chastity BeltDwarf BlockerDEAD NZ
ChipSkinkDEAD NZ
Chosen DudKislev CatcherDEAD NZ
ColdbaneYheteeDEAD NZ
Conrad the BoldHigh Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
Cro'ekarKroxigorDEAD NZ
Curd N'YakSkaven LinemanDEAD NZ
Cutter GoblowskiGoblin LooneyDEAD NZ
CyclopsOgreDEAD NZ
Delano DarayVampireDEAD NZ
DobbieGoblinDEAD NZ
Donald RupHuman LinemanDEAD NZ
Doug StamperHuman LinemanDEAD NZ
Dragos HeartbeatHigh Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
DruskGoblinDEAD NZ
En Sabah NurWood Elf WardancerDEAD NZ
Erik BloodaxeNorse BlitzerDEAD NZ
Erik PoundstoneDwarf BlitzerDEAD NZ
Fats DominoHalflingDEAD NZ
Fatty SmithKhemri SkeletonDEAD NZ
Fekten the FallenKhemri Blitz-RaDEAD NZ
FeralNecromantic WerewolveDEAD NZ
Finbar SaundersWood Elf WardancerDEAD NZ
Finlin FeatherdanceWood Elf WardancerDEAD NZ
Flash O GreenUnderworld GoblinDEAD NZ
Frank N FurterNecromantic Flesh GolemDEAD NZ
Fred TwarpUnderworld GoblinDEAD NZ
Fredrick Brownhat Bretonnian LinemanDEAD NZ
Frozen StumpyNorse LinemanDEAD NZ
Fuzy NavelYheteeDEAD NZ
Gan GreenOrc Black OrcDEAD NZ
Gen EticUnderworld LinemanDEAD NZ
Gold Arm JimmyElven Union ThrowerDEAD NZ
Gox GreatfootHobgoblinDEAD NZ
GrangorOrc Black OrcDEAD NZ
Green MeanieOrc BlitzerDEAD NZ
Grud ScreamfistOrc Black OrcDEAD NZ
Grump SteadfastChaos DwarfDEAD NZ
GudgeOrc LinemanDEAD NZ
GuldazGoblinDEAD NZ
Gunter RecklessNorse LinemanDEAD NZ
Guy of GisbourneBretonnian BlockerDEAD NZ
Hakkon SlapfaceDark Elf BlitzerDEAD NZ
Harbinger KillowattDark Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
Harry NightmareYheteeDEAD NZ
Hip D'HopGoblin PogoerDEAD NZ
Horns of HellChaos Dwarf MinatourDEAD NZ
Hyatt NimrodHuman BlitzerDEAD NZ
Igor VictorThrallDEAD NZ
Jake the Cheese RobertsSkaven Gutter RunnerDEAD NZ
JasinThrallDEAD NZ
Jax MonroeHuman LinemanDEAD NZ
Jessie BellAmazon CatcherDEAD NZ
Killer MIkeOrc BlitzerDEAD NZ
Knotted MulitHuman OgreDEAD NZ
KnuckledraggerUndead GhoulDEAD NZ
Load SharptoothKroxigorDEAD NZ
Logan BkackfurrNecromantic WerewolveDEAD NZ
Lord ElwayVampireDEAD NZ
Lucky FootSkinkDEAD NZ
Lucky SmallhandsDwarf RunnerDEAD NZ
MatadorBull CentaurDEAD NZ
Miss. FNecromantic Flesh GolemDEAD NZ
Mudslinger McGuireGoblin LooneyDEAD NZ
Munnec The ValiantElven Union LinemanDEAD NZ
Nead BronzebeltNorse RunnerDEAD NZ
NibblerSkaven LinemanDEAD NZ
Noloner AnymoreDark Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
Notfrog FlyeaterKislev CatcherDEAD NZ
Olaf BlackbeardNorse LinemanDEAD NZ
Old Bone JackUndead SkeletonDEAD NZ
Old Bone SteveUndead SkeletonDEAD NZ
Oops E PoopsGoblinDEAD NZ
OrcammadaOrc Black OrcDEAD NZ
Phat LipOrc TrollDEAD NZ
Pointy Earred FreakWood Elf WardancerDEAD NZ
PoncebaneDark Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
PotsHalflingDEAD NZ
Qod BrickheadOgreDEAD NZ
Qualude FentonWood Elf WardancerDEAD NZ
Quellchrist FalconerWood Elf WardancerDEAD NZ
Radblast the ReaverChaos DwarfDEAD NZ
Rampage HornsonChaos BeastmanDEAD NZ
Reggy LemoncakeHalflingDEAD NZ
RipplerOrc Black OrcDEAD NZ
Road KillKnoblarDEAD NZ
RofeoBretonnian LinemanDEAD NZ
Rotten TentaclesBeast of NurgleDEAD NZ
Ryanna StarAmazon ThrowerDEAD NZ
ScratchySkaven LinemanDEAD NZ
Seesaw HarlyGoblin LooneyDEAD NZ
Sewerstink SteveSkaven LinemanDEAD NZ
Skekk LoneforceNorse ThrowerDEAD NZ
Skrud ColdchewNorse ThrowerDEAD NZ
Skullfury JacksonUndead WightDEAD NZ
Slick RickPestigorDEAD NZ
Slip SnotKnoblarDEAD NZ
Snach GreatslayerUnderworld BlitzerDEAD NZ
Spinning McGeeGoblin FanaticDEAD NZ
Sticky GoatChaos BeastmanDEAD NZ
Talkto ThehandBretonnian LinemanDEAD NZ
TamGoblin LooneyDEAD NZ
Teacup TerryOrc LinemanDEAD NZ
Terrence HungernaughtHuman LinemanDEAD NZ
Thadus CarriedoffWood Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
The BlobOgreDEAD NZ
The Mailed CrusaderBretonnian BlockerDEAD NZ
Thor WoodenelbowNorse ThrowerDEAD NZ
Tik SkullmaulSkaven LinemanDEAD NZ
TommyHuman LinemanDEAD NZ
Tommy GunzOrc BlitzerDEAD NZ
Trashy TomWood Elf ThrowerDEAD NZ
Tristan TangletoesWood Elf CatcherDEAD NZ
UnderbrushWood Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
UngodOrc ThrowerDEAD NZ
Vermin TidalSkaven BlitzerDEAD NZ
VigbenkGoblin BombadierDEAD NZ
Viscount HaughtyHigh Elf LinemanDEAD NZ
Vural FellriderDark Elf BlitzerDEAD NZ
Wolf FeinbergKislev BlitzerDEAD NZ
Wort RiddenSkaven LinemanDEAD NZ
Wreck TootsOrc LinemanDEAD NZ
Zakkri CanduGoblinDEAD NZ

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