Monte Cristo Hotdicers Confident for new Season

Hotdicers came threw it all in there first season and their brave run was finally brought to an end by the Eventually Champions the Winners. Bernie was very dissapointed in how he went about trading and signing players in the Dicers debut season, but is very confident he has learnt from his mistakes, and now is feeling confident that this could be the Dicers season.

Off the pitch the coach/Gm was plagued by reports of his alleged relationship with star witch elf and main debut season signing the Siren,  who was then dumped back end of the season due to a fall out with the owner. Fans where not happy that there top earner was fired coming into week 7 and some blame her not been there against the winners cost them any chance of making the final. Bernie came out and said our balance wasn’t right and we just didn’t have the cash to compete in season one, but promises his fans to stay patient as they are going to be very happy with the team for the upcoming season. Only two players have been retained by the Dicers for next season and that was the fans player of the season Dodge Viper, and speedy Wardancer Briathorn Foxtrot, and news just in a rookie high elf is getting ready to sign his first contract as well.

The dicers scored a staggering 23 TDs in eight games and Bernie expects more of the same from his franchise who he claims will be more dangerous in all areas of the game this season. It seems that Bernie is liking his chances for next season, as the usually cautious king of the underdogs seems to be barking his franchises chances to the roof tops, have the dicers found there bite and does Bernie know something the rest dont?

Only one way to find out is to tune in for the new season and especially the draft to see who the Monte Cristo Hot Dicers get.

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