Money Won’t Play This Week

The Macon Money released the following report this morning:

Rarth the Blackheart (Serious Concussion & Fractured Skull) will not suit up for the last game of the season against the Molenas Great Warriors. He has been placed on the Injured Reserve after a season where he struggled to get double digit tackles and stay healthy.

Slip N Slide (Broken Neck) suffered a serious injury earlier in the season and tried to stick it out. The club is looking to him to return to 100% for next season and is taking precautionary actions. He rushed for 316 yards this season, reaching the end-zone 5 times.

Foaming Mad Furrikson (Serious Concussion) has long been a target for opposing teams. Furrikson only made 19 tackles this season, injuring 14, and killing one player. His below than average performance has the team concerned for his future. He will be placed on the Injured Reserve pending x-rays and a full evaluation.

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  • April 24, 2019 at 07:36

    The Macon Money front office support these players as they recover from their verious injuries. We hope their time on the IR and that the Dark Wizards can work their magic and return these players to top function. At Macon we know that our players are the most important part of our long term success and that without them we would never be able to accomplish the things we have.

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