Money sends 5 players to the All-Star game

Macon – Five Macon Money players will participate in the inaugural season All-Star game, the team announced Monday.

Strun Skyborn, Zeech Highblight, Pillbox Punter, Numhut, and Foaming Mad Furrikson will all play for the US Blitz All-Star team which is scheduled to kick off in about a week from now. The game will be televised on the MML Blitz Network and Cabalvision.

Strun Skyborn, gutter runner, played in every game of the season, scored 6 touchdowns, tackled 9 players, injured 3, knocked out 2 and rushed for 228 yards.

Zeech Highblight, gutter runner, played only 6 games, scored 3 touchdowns, tackled 2 players, injured another, knocked out 1, caught 6 passes and rushed for 180 yards.

Nomhut, orc blitzer, played in 6 games, tackled 22 players, injured 6, knocked out 1 and killed another. In addition he caught 2 passes and rushed for 56 yards.

Pillbox Punter, orc thrower of draft frame, played in every game of the season, tackled 9 players as a quaterback, causing 4 injuries, rushed for 134 yards, and threw 12 passes for 148 yards.

Foaming Mad Furrikson, chaos dwarf blocker, played in every Money game, tackled 55 players, injured 39, knocked out 10, surfed 1 and killed 2. He also ran for 12 yards.


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