Medical Office Report : Post Season 1

Hello avid readers, and you other more illiterate people.

So our staff have been hard at work this season.  We have been monitoring the games, doing what we can to save everyone possible.  Those players you killed on the Astrogranite donated their limbs, organs and other appendages to my office.  They may have assisted in saving a few extra players to further seasons.  They may have just assisted us in granting some intriguing mutations.

Have you ever considered a use for an extra hand growing out of your nose?  No?  Yeah… neither have we…

But alas, I digress!  None of you care for experiments or most of what I say.  Just about the facts of what we have accomplished.

We had 123 players desiring us to assist in their treatments.  Some may think it is a made up number, but they are wrong.

14 players have been so drastically injured, that I regret my team of experts have been unable to find a cure.  They have retired their careers permanently in order to find safer living for the rest of their days.

20 players we have not given up on, but they are taking a season out to ensure they get the utmost of care, and will hopefully be back to full strength next season.

16 of the players were either too low on the queue, or are just needing further treatment, we have neither regressed nor progressed in their treatment.  But they are too eager, so are willing to put it all on the line for season 2.  Let’s hope some of them get to accomplish their ideals.

Now we are getting to where our team have had some successes.  This is the part that always makes the day better, those needless sacrifices throughout the season allowing the progression of fellow players careers.

A whopping 51 players health has improved.  That is almost half of the suffering fools making a strong progression towards recovery.

And outshining them is the remaining 22 stars who have overcome all difficulties to make a full recovery.

Were any of these players in your draft prospects?  You may want to see if they have suddenly become more valuable, or worse, have removed themselves from availability.  Were any of them overlooked for the frustrations a weak warrior can bring, did that crippled elf not appeal?  Why not check again and make sure that they do not fit into your team plans?

But I am not the guy to tell you what you should and should not be doing in the draft, I am the guy who repairs the breakages in your players.  I reattach those arms, legs and whatever else has fallen off.

But that is the first season over.  We will see what season 2 is to bring for us.

Yours Surgically

Dr. Dionysis

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