Max Stallion Draft Predictions Part One

Welcome Blitz Fans and potential Blitz fans its your favorite reporter here and today I’m going to let you in on where I think some of the big draft targets will be going, let me know if you agree or not and lets see how many of these we can get right.


If there is a more popular name going around the circuit then Tom Brady I for one don’t know about it and the Stallion would know. Brady is an Ogre with a lot of pass potential with Pass, Accurate and Strong Arm and being Agility 3 helps and with Block and Sure Hands to help protect the ball you can see why this guy could be popular with the right fit. Small Union teams will certainly be interested in this guy as could a team what has quality catchers at there disposable. Before the hype I would of said this guy might go around Round 2-3 but with what I’m hearing, expect this guy to go Round One.

POTENTIAL TEAMS Philandelfia SevenSixes, Have been singing Toms Praise all pre draft season and if he is still there when it gets to dimarko at 16 I expect him to go to the sixes.

Tiwanaku Flying Pebbles Would be a perfect fit for him and would bring great synergy with Cherry Pie and other potential thrown superstars, my contacts though say they are after another big guy instead but don’t be surprised if Tom is there at 11 that the Pebbles may change there plans

OTHER POTENTIAL FITS Appalachian Paws, Nappanee Nightmare, Badlands Rejects



Scored FIVE Touchdowns in the final for Beverly Hill Beasts and now with a Champions Ring already in the Bank where will this World Class catcher go now his former team have retired. One of the fastest players in blitz, can score in one turn has a safe pair of hands and very agile on his feet. Wherever this guy goes there chances of making the play offs will no doubt rise. I would go as far as saying he is the hottest prospect in this seasons draft.

POTENTIAL TEAMS Drumphtopia Winners This would be the Perfect fit for Sapphire with quality players already on board with the likes of Jay Love and Garth Brooks and giving there superstar thrower Tharranduil Royalty another target downfield gets the heart racing. I can see Sapphire going to the Winners at 14 for sure.


Philly Tailgate Bullies  Can you imagine Ted Berry and Sapphire Storm on the same pitch together and with their star quarterback Sirion Bullseye pulling the strings that looks like a team that can put up a lot of points for sure. Bullies first pick is at 29. If Sapphire is still there then I would be shocked if the Winners AND the Bullies pass on this Blitz Winner.





Cherry Pie who had an amazing first season for the Pebbles and then was MVP in the all star game sees his brother Apple Pie enter the draft. Rumour has it he is just as good in the air then cherry and has a safe pair of hands like cherry BUT the scouts claim he is quicker then his brother cherry. If all this is true I can see General Managers wanting a piece of the pie. Question is if he goes where will he go in the draft? This is very tricky but I would guess maybe round 5 would be about the right fit for him but I guess he will be in demand and it may come down to who blinks first.

POTENTIAL TEAMS Tiwanaku Flying Pebbles Okay lets start off with the obvious starting place for Apple Pie, Gio has his brother already in Cherry so how cool would it be to sign his brother Apple? Cherry is really sweet on the idea of his brother joining, some people close to the halfling star have said he has told Gio to go out and get his brother, the question is does Gio want another star halfling? with reports circulating that Pebbles are looking at the big guys will they have time for another Pie?

Carcosa Taxmen With a lot of cash already spent in the expansion maybe the Taxmen will be looking for value for money and Apple Pie is certainly that with Agilty 4, sure feet and movement 6. Chase might want a piece of the pie for sure and have his very own pie superstar. I could even see chase going with his fourth round pick and getting this guy before the rest can act.


Butetown BrawlersNot afraid to sign flings for the Brawlers this would also be a very good fit for Apple Pie. NTB has a good record with potential oneturning pieces and a Apple Pie versus Cherry Pie contest maybe to good for Ntb to turn down if Apple Pie is still there late in the draft.


OTHER POTENTIAL FITS Appalachian Paws, Philandelfia SevenSixes


One of the superstars of the MML, Made his name with Rodentia Ad Nauseum back in his MML Pro days and coached by Blitz Gm NTB.  Retired to try out MML Blitz and his signature was in demand. Top Class who can win you a title by himself and it looked like he was going to do that very thing two seasons ago. But sadly he fluffed his lines and now this one time superstar is better known for costing the Timberwolves the title. Even after that the cockroaches still went out and paid 100k to take him from the Timberwolves but that sadly saw one of the most sought after Blitz superstars have a nightmare falling over going faster then he knows he should be. The cockroaches GM came out and said was the biggest waste of money he had spent that season. Cockroaches are no more as a franchise and Han Tavirus is a free agent again the question is will there be a franchise out there to give him another chance after a couple of poor seasons in blitz?

POTENTIAL TEAMS Mystic Falls Timberwolves Bernie Buffon is a big fan of Han and has signed him twice previously for the Yorkshire Phoenix and Mystic Falls Timberwolves. Question is after a shocker in the Blitz final and a poor season with the cockroaches will Bernie want to give Han another chance?


Hamelin Renegades Lost there one turn superstar last season and could be in the market for another one, Han certainly would fit the bill for the former champs and at only 220k would be good  deal for sure. Renegades would probably use Han more then the Timberwolves would as well what might be just want Han needs.


Ghrond Bellboys Seriousjest loves his Gutters and what better then to get Chedder Moss and Han teaming up once again like they did for Yorkshire Phoenix back in the day and that was a big success as well I may add.


OTHER POTENTIAL FITS Dunsford Do Lilly Taps, Philly Pounding Fathers, Demonsville Chancers

Well that’s all for today I will be back with more scout info on more players in the upcoming draft tomorrow until then let me know where you think these players may end up.



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