Max Stallion Draft Predictions Part 2

It’s a new day what only means more news for the Blitz faithful on who is Rumoured to go where. So lets get the ball rolling with this big lad.


Bernie Buffon went on record and said if I could pick this player I would snap him up first round. This Krox is a beast of a player and if he latches onto your Ball carrier you can kiss that ball goodbye. Very fast and shadows his prey until he is ready to strike this guy will strike fear on defense and also very good at getting in passing lanes or crunching a wide receiver just as they receive it. With Movement 8, shadowing, Pass Block all working well with Prehensile Tail and at Strength 5 what’s not to love about this guy.

Potential Teams Dragon Isle Poachers I’ve been told this is nailed on, a done deal, expect to see this beast donning the Poachers colours for season 10. Suits the Poachers and their coach do very well with these type of players and although they traded away their first round pick they are very confident he will stand land at the Poachers.

Port Reaver Outlanders  Although they have a Krox on the books he is at minus 1 MV and is chewing a big chunk of there salary cap so it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to see Dave take a punt on a better krox and boy does this team need a piece what can go out there and terrorize a defence. This piece would certainly upgrade there pass rush what they are lacking at the moment going into the draft.

OTHER POTENTIAL FITS Outback Gator Wrestlers and Badlands Rejects


A very high class Bretonnian ball sacker is up for grabs and this could be one of the more shrewd deals down in the lower depths of the rounds for the GM shrewd enough to see his potential. With Agility 4 Strength 4 with tackle, strip ball and leap and with his dauntless skill no ball will be safe from this guy. The great thing is he can also be used as a ball carrier and passer some say he was the next Jay Love when he came onto the blitz scene. One thing is for sure this type of player is a game winner and will be interesting to see where he lands.

POTENTIAL TEAMS Badlands Bears He used to play for the Bears and was easily one of their best players, and it was a shock to see him released. But with all the big guys floating about, it would make sense to have a quality st4 dauntless leaping ball sacker on the team. Coach Dragoon rated this guy and can see him asking his General Manager girth to bring this talented player back into the fold.

Hanover Hangovers Darkhairman seems to like his dauntless players and what better to add to his team then the Questing Knight, would be a beautiful fit for the Hangovers and can see the General Manager tempted bringing this superstar into the fold. Would certainly ease the burden on there star player Hoshi Komi.

Drumphtopia Winners With quality Blitzers on the books already in Jay Love and Garth Brooks why not add the Questing Knight to the collection, he offers something different to what they bring and would be a nice foil to the other big names in the team and would help fill the gap of having no ball sacker in the Winners team.

OTHER POTENTIAL FITS Miscatonic Gulls, Philly and Tailgate Bullies


Ischelware Midnight Great debut season saw them lose to the champions in very unlucky circumstances, but here is a guy who could win them a title. Louis Michaels his pack brother already setting it alight for the necro police and Gretsky is a more powerful and better wolf. Also been able to brag to Overkill he has the better wolf is just an added bonus this strength 4 killing brute who also is agile and hard to take down is an amazing bloodbowl specimen. Not scared to get stuck in and use his guard and his sidestep keeps him close to his prey. In short there is no better wolf on Free Agency.


Necropolpyse Narcoleptics A louis Michaels and Gretsky Michaels combo for the police would make them one of the favorites to win the Blitz title for sure. Louis already shown what he can do and if you add his brother to the mix, well you going to see the Police rise to the top. Will Overkill make the tough call and drop his other wolf for this legend? its hard to say but if Tony was to pick this guy up and Overkill had passed on it, this may haunt him for many seasons.



Agility 6 Blitzer you would think would be snapped up in a heartbeat wouldn’t you? While Tyburn Jig and co get all the love the Magician is still waiting for his big break will it come this season? With tackle wrestle strip ball and dauntless then you would certainly thing in the season of the big guys this guy would surely be on everyones radar wouldnt you? Also great with ball in hand or even can pass the ball long distances this guy does it all.


Hamelin Renegades VpowerV doesn’t mind his dark elves especially ones that tick many boxes like the Magician does and this kind of player might just be up the renegades street.  This type of player could certainly ease the burden on little mo and will be interesting to see if VpowerV pulls a rabbit out of the hat here.


Hoffenheim Honey Badgers Badgers love their dark elves so hey why not add a better dark elf agility 6 ball sacker to the mix? Thunden one of the more shrewd judges on the Blitz circuit making the final on his return and will certainly have noticed this game changing player for sure.


Ghrond Bellboys Already has cutter on ball sacking duties but maybe tempted to add another to try and help get that first blitz championship. With agility six would certainly help the long bomb plays and throwing it to there very classy Gutter Cheddar Moss. But with the season of the big guys this dauntless ball sacking magician might be just what Seriousjest needs.


OTHER POTENTIAL FITS  Gulf Coast Chaos and Demonsville Chancers



Agility 4 Nerves of steel movement 8 catcher with blodge, sure feet and catch? Yes please should be the cry for this amazon woman superstar this season. With a few of the big guys able to throw the ball this player is as safe as they come doesn’t matter if she is marked or not she always catching it on a 2 plus, unless that filthy stench of disturbing presence is nearby.  Whoever is throwing the ball this is the one you want catching it and with speed to burn will be interesting if this star catcher is picked up for season 10.


Atlantis Sea Vipers They are a big fan of Amazon players and I’ve been told this catcher is on their radar. With only one amazon player on their roster at the moment you can probably expect more amazons heading their way maybe even a thrower and this looks the more likely place for this star catcher to land.


Dragon Isle Poachers Don’t be surprised after the draft that she ends up at the Poachers the Poachers like there passing and hand off plays and having a quality ag4 piece like this in their ranks can only help the cause. With the Poachers and Xuplis crashing out first round last two seasons in blitz after dominating the league division something has to change and maybe this could be the change to help them get over that play off hump.


OTHER POTENTIAL FITS Feckington Fire Hams, Badlands Bears and Port Reaver Outlanders


Well that’s me Max Stallion done and dusted on the Draft Rumour Trail, hope you have enjoyed them and they will return next season.


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