Marry Blitzmas (S14 Fluff)

It was the night before S14, all through the old world
Not a beastman was stirring, not even a skaven rat
The contracts were prepped on desks with quills
In hopes of being drafted soon will be fofilled
The GM’s were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of Blitz glory rang through their heads
Beerz in his long trench coat and Bernie in his jester cap
Had just settled down with a nice whiskey cap!!!
When out on the pitch arose such a scream
I sprung from chair to see who died
Away to the balcony to I flew in a blitz
Tripped over a skull and stomped on a rat
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
A big sleigh with many players stood near
With a little old driver with magic in his eyes
He stood up and smiled with happy shuffle
I knew right away it must be St. Nuffle
He whistled and shouted and called out their names
Now off you players to the teams that you’ve been told!
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all
They spoke not a ward but went straight to their teams
For these players where gifts for all to clam
Nuffle sat back down and looked up at me
A wink and chuckled he let out from his frame
He grabbed the rains and gave a big tug
Off he went with a mighty chug
I knew what this meant for all to see
Mighty gifted players soon will be seen
Nuffle took off with a mighty laugh
It  knocked me straight on my……. rump!
As I waved and rubbed my hump
Off Nuffle went with a mighty roar
Marry Blitzmas to all and too all a good game!!

Here`s how it works:

In the spirit of an office secret Santa, every coach has to draw another coaches name from a hat (I will do this for you and keep it a true secret). You will not know who your making the player for till after all are made. You can create one player level 6 for that coach. These players will be made to the fallowing rules…
– Position will be randomly (no big guys) chosen
– Must be a level 6 player
– 1 stat up max
– No mutations
-Must come with a proper name (see naming rules)
If the roll is for a position that is maxed the roll is re rolled.

Once the player has been made the gift receiver will be told what player they received through this gift.  These players must be part of the team for the season as they are a gift!!!!!  These players do not count toward your tax or budget. They do count for tv In game.  Teams will be told and may be added AFTER the Draft.

Will the present-giver be benevolent and full of Xmas spirit and create you a beauty like Santa or will he be a Grinch and screw you over! You’ll only find out just before the season starts!

Santa players can not be dropped till your season is over (including playoffs)


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