Mailing It In (Be Different)

It was just another day at the Undead Parcel Service for Flattop Murphy. Flattop had been with the company since the time he was reanimated 5 years ago. Because of his size and strength, he was placed in sorting and loading where he was known for being the fastest most accurate loader in the company. Instead of carrying the bags of mail and packages to delivery carts like the other Golems, Flattop would simply grab them at sorting and heave them across the warehouse with precision accuracy right into the back of the exact delivery cart intended. It amazed the Wights in charge so much they promoted him to head loader. Some of Flattop’s co-workers seemed a little jealous and though some of the other Golems tried to copy Flattop their attempts ended with disastrous results. As a result, they decided he was just a showoff and ass kisser to get ahead, so he was soon excluded from other Golem activities. The other golems shunned him because he was different and made fun of him for throwing and called him an elf wanna-be, which was probably the worst thing you could say to a member of the undead. Though he was happy to get promoted, Flattop had always felt like he could do so much more with his unique skill set and soon he was hoping to get that chance. He had seen on Cabal TV that a unique draft class was being formed for the upcoming Blitz season. Be-Different players were being called to show what they could do on the pitch. He had mailed his name in with a video of his abilities to the keeper of the blitz player pool the exalted one, Bernie Buffon, for consideration. Just before his rest break, he was called to the office where an official from the NAF was waiting to hand him his letter and announce that he had been selected to enter the upcoming season 13 Blitz draft. As he ran out of the office yelling “I quit” and ran through the sorting and loading area yelling the same thing his fellow golems yelled back “where are you going Flattop you elf wanna-be”. Before he walked out the door, he turned to them all and said, “The name is Air Mail, and I’m going to the pro ranks in Blitz suckers.” As the door closed behind him, they were laughing no more.

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